Day 1 Royal Ascot: The Queen

  I am so honoured to have royal milliners Christie Murray, Fiona Mangan and Jill Courtemanche join me here to chat about the royal hats at Ascot today! Without further delay, we’re going to start with Queen Elizabeth, who kicked off the first day of the races in a mustard yellow straw hat. This design has a short, sweeping brim raised on one side and is trimmed with a multi-looped straw bow and silk flowers.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Christie: What a radiant way for Queen Elizabeth to open Royal Ascot! She has her go-to crown shape and I love the angles in her brim. It opens up her face and works well with the heavier material and neckline in her coat. Just gorgeous. I think the teal and blue accents in her silk flowers also works well as an additional colourway.

Fiona: This is a nice colour on the Queen, a subtle Canary yellow and not too pastel-ly. The asymmetrical brim shape of the hat suits her better than a symmetrical brim. It is very much the same style as that garish-neon coloured hat she wore a few days ago, but it’s a lot classier, colourwise! I think the mocha flowers or the blue could have been omitted – not sure both these colours work too well with the yellow, one or other would be my preference. The subtle pearl necklace is beautiful and I love the large bold buttons of her coat. Very Queeny, but very nice!

Royal Hats: I wonder if the brown flowers are meant to reference the brass buttons on the coat?

Jill: The yellow is so smart and fresh, I like the combination of the solid straw for the base with the open weave straw edging and trim. The colors in the flowers are a nice accent with her brooch but they feel a little tight and insignificant, I don’t like the brown leaves at all. I can’t fault the shape, although she repeats it often it suits her well and the profile is very nice.

Royal Hats:  I agree with Christie that this hat’s brim shape goes beautifully with the neckline of this coat. It’s a good shade of mustard for Her Majesty but I’m with Fiona and Jill on the trim- the two colours of flowers don’t work together. Rachel Trevor Morgan usually does impeccable trimmings but something is off with these flowers.

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: March 27, 2016

We missed a good view of this hat during its first outing so it’s good to see it at all angles today! Now that we have had a better look, what do you think of this hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “Day 1 Royal Ascot: The Queen

  1. I love the blue flowers to give a punch to the yellow, but agree that the brown flowers detract from it. They are muddy looking, whereas the blue and yellow are bright.

  2. Quick repeat from Easter. Very formulaic Stuart Parvin/RTM, although I don’t like the modified neckline on this version quite so well as on its almost-identical cousins, including chartreuse D-Day, pink/red Christmas and last=-day turquoise from Malta. The trim on the hat, as always, does seem to match the floral dress.

  3. Argh, I figured since she had just worn this at Easter (a high profile hat occasion), she wouldn’t dare repeat it at Ascot, even though I wanted her too. But dare she did, and HM taught me a lesson in surprise.

    It’s great to get much better views of this hat. The lemon/canary yellow color is beautiful for HM, and I love the blue flowers, but am less thrilled to see the taupe ones in the mix (even if they are in her dress). I also agree with @JamesB that a brooch with blue in it would’ve really brought this ensemble to the next level. Overall though this is an excellent start to Ascot for HM.

  4. Happy to see this one again, it’s a standard Parvin/Trevor Morgan combo and great for that. Like the yellow a lot, though as has been said a bit more of a view of the dress would help tie the hat trim to the outfit. I’d also have loved a blue (either sapphire or aquamarine) brooch to really make it all pop. Still, she’s off to a good start!

  5. Well, I LOVE the blue with the yellow and would like a better look at the dress under the coat! I love bright colours, too and think she is so brave with some of the colours she wears! 3 cheers for her designers and milliners.

  6. MrFitzroy has been looking for a good image showing some of the dress beneath the coat, as this seems to be a case of over matching the hat trim to the dress print, which really cannot be seen — so it doesn’t quite make sense. It does appear that the dress (and perhaps the coat lining) is a blue floral with taupe leaves, so the trim is very literal in that sense, but doesn’t read quite right when there is no dress print visible.

    During this image search, MrFitzroy discovered this shot, which may well cause bad dreams this evening….It can be safely assumed that if a hat worn by HM is ever actually trimmed with a waving hand, it will be a gloved hand.

    • I believe you are right (as always!) Mr. Fitzroy OBE- this photo gives a glimpse of the Queen’s dress under her coat and as you guessed, the print contains blue flowers and brown leaves. The hat was clearly trimmed to be a perfect match.

      A less perfect match is the placement of Prince Philip’s hand on the photo you posted! That is most amusing!

      Embed from Getty Images

  7. I thought it would be orange. Yellow is in the same colour family…wink.
    The Queen’s brooch goes well with the taupe decoration on her hat and the buttons. It caught my eye in the one picture.

  8. I was going to choose yellow – and then thought “she won’t do that agin so soon after the other yellow”!! I like the shape of the hat but agree that the trimming colours are not quite right.

  9. I think the hat is lovely, so well made as is HM’s coat, look at the beautiful workmanship in those button holes.

  10. Argh! I placed a bet on a peach/orange hat for Her Majesty yesterday (after seeing the very poor odds for blue I decided to go with peach/orange). When I first saw the Royal Procession on the video screens at Ascot the hat looked orange – how excited I was! Then when I saw Her Majesty in person, what a disappointment. While she looked beautiful as always, I was very surprised to see her repeat yellow so soon after having worn a very similar color just last Friday. Oh well, today’s another day. The votes on the Royal Hats blog say purple for today – and I agree that purple is likely. Hopefully we’ll get some decent odds.

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