Day 1 Royal Ascot: Duchess of Cornwall

  After hoping for the Duchess of Cornwall to début a new hat last weekend, she finally fulfilled my wish today with this large picture hat in pale pink straw with oversize silk rose trim.

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Jill: Very pretty, probably my favorite look of the day. The look is incredibly ladylike, the pink is very flattering and this is such a happy hat with the large rose. I wish she would go for a different shape, although this suits her well and this particular trim has a nice softness to it, it would be nice to see something fresh.
Royal Hats: It is such a close repeat of this hat (same scale, similar brim shape and lavish trim) already in the Duchess’ millinery closet. Camilla is known for her thrifty repeating of hats (she seldom gets new ones) which leaves me perplexed about why she chose one so similar to something she already owns. It is a beautiful hat but we have seen it on her before. Many times.
Fiona: Although she is not one to move away from her safe style, I do like this baby pink against her hair colour. What I suspect is Philip Treacy hat, the shape of the hat brim is a nice change from the huge upturned brims she wears so frequently but I am not so sure about the gigantic flower. I think a slightly more modest flower would have sufficed but the remaining trimming on the hat is really nice the way it picks up two different hues of pink. The necklace is a little heavy coupled with the hat – perhaps a string or two less of pearls (take a page out of the Queens style book!) But how else could a necklace carry that massive pink topaz, so we will forgive her for this faux pas!
Christie: I love this colour on the Duchess of Cornwall. The hat has lovely lines but I’m also not a huge fan of the size or the shape of the flower trim with her look. I also don’t like it’s angle, with the stamens facing towards the front. It seems more of an afterthought to me.  With such a clean outfit, I definitely can see why they explored silk flowers, but I would be more inclined to do more of them to create the same amount of trim versus one large flower. I love the Duchess’ choker and would like to see a trim that complimented it.
Royal Hats: Brilliant idea! This necklace is such a statement piece, it would be wonderful to see a hat that was more complimentary and less competitive. I don’t know why more royal millinery is designed around specific pieces of jewellery…. maybe there’s a niche market here, ladies?!
Designer: Philip Treacy. It appears to be a bespoke version of OC 148 from SS 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new
It seems that again, dearest readers, there are mixed reactions to this design. What aspects of this design do you like (and not like!) on the Duchess of Cornwall?
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20 thoughts on “Day 1 Royal Ascot: Duchess of Cornwall

    • YES! Win win win! The bigger roses the better for Cams and she looks so great in pink. I also like her dress and coat. So much better than what she wore Day 2.

  1. Oooooo, I love Camilla’s hats (she is my favorite Royal hat wearer) and this hat is fabulous!!! The rose is SO big that it quite takes my breath away, but it is so light and airy that it is not overpowering. I love it!!!

  2. Love everything about this hat/dress/jewel combination. It’s a little over the top…but it’s Ascot so that’s expected!

  3. I agree Camilla knows what she likes and what looks good on her. She certainly can wear these large hats well. I like the addition of the large pink rose. The monochromatic looks says elegance the large flower says ascot. I would wonder if after all of the years in Diana’s shadow and as the hated mistress she keeps to the look that suits her best. FANTASTIC!!!

  4. The Duchess knows what she likes! Sure, it’s similar to the other pink hat, but it has a completely different feel to it. Plus, this is ASCOT, people! Hats are supposed to be over the top! It’s a winner in my book.

  5. I was expecting to see her blue for some reason. The softness of the pink is nice. I am not enjoying her coat and how it fits across the bust but think the buttons on the sleeves really are right.
    Yes to the hat.

  6. If nothing else, Camilla can rock a massive hat and massive jewels like nobody’s business! I think she looks fab, with the single exception of those ill fitting gloves. She looks like she came from pruning her roses!

  7. I think that the two pink hats are sufficiently different, in color and in shape. I think it’s perfect on the Duchess of Cornwall.

  8. I simply adore this for Camilla! So glad there’s a new hat in the mix, and while the color is quite pastel, I’m just glad it’s not another cream/white/natural straw hat added to her vast collection! This pink is very beautiful and goes so well with her necklace. This is my favorite look for Day 1.

  9. I love this hat. The soft pink and the soft flower are so feminine and go well with Camilla’s soft hairdo. It is probably easy to see that flower in the large arena of Ascot where oversized and over the top are the norm. Are there any photos of the hat from the side or the back?

  10. I agree with you Hat Queen, as such a thrifty hat owner and wearer I don’t understand why Camilla has acquired a new hat so similar to an existing one. I prefer the earlier darker pink hat as I think the trim is more balanced. The rose on this new pink hat is too large for my liking and almost looks comical.

  11. I like it!
    She always wears similarly-shaped hats but this one has an added interest with the giant flower.
    The necklace is great with this outfit!

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