Day 1 Royal Ascot: Princess Beatrice

Royal Ascot  For the first day of the races, Princess Beatrice wore a navy percher hat with feather trim.

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Christie: I love this look on Princess Beatrice.  A nice clean base is perfect to offset the texture in her emu and burnt ostrich hearl trim.  The trim also works well with the gold detailing in her skirt. The style of the headpiece elongates her face and works well with her hairstyle. A really well put together look.

Fiona: Ooh, this is a pretty mini shaped coolie percher – subdued, subtle. The feather trimming is wispy and flyaway and works well with her hair colour. What I love about this hat is the understated untrimmed edge. Very classy hat but not so sure about the satin lapels on her jacket with the double breasted buttons and cropped waist – perhaps a little old for Beatrice.

Jill: Pretty, youthful and safe all good things in the world of the royals! The beading on the base is a very nice touch, the lines are very clean and the feathers are lovely with her hair color. Somehow I think I am a bit disappointed but only because she looked so fabulous at the tea the other day and this suit seems a bit ill fitting (and too old for her).

Royal Hats: I thought this was a great hat for Princess Beatrice the first time around (for all the reasons already mentioned!)  and it’s nice to see it again. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait another three years for a third outing.

Designer: Sarah Cant SS 2013
Previously Worn: June 4, 2013

Well that’s easy- we’re all fans of this design on Princess Beatrice! Do you join us in our affection for this hat?

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19 thoughts on “Day 1 Royal Ascot: Princess Beatrice

  1. The hat did not get me excited, but her outfit did. She looks great from head to toe! I did not think the jacket was too old for her.

  2. Nicely done, Beatrice. The hat is lovely and really suits her and her nice outfit. Don’t like the shoes though – too much detail on them, given that she’s wearing a detailed hat, has brass buttons on her jacket and gold trim on her skirt! I’ve also a very large aversion to ankle-strap shoes – and both York girls seem to love them (I think ankle straps are hugely unflattering).

  3. Like Autumn Phillips’ hat the other day, the feather trim on this percher matches Princess Beatrice’s hair so well that it looks as if her hair has blown over the top of the hat. It’s a nice hat and she wears it well but I’m ambivalent.

  4. I love her entire look. I know that Beatrice and Eugenie get a lot of flack from the press sometimes about their clothing, but I always love what they wear. I love bold fashion statements and they have the courage to take risks.

  5. When I first glanced, it looked like part of her hair was on top of the hat. The feather trim really matches her hair. She does look beautiful and that is a great skirt.

  6. Overall this is an excellent look for Beatrice, but I do wish her hair didn’t look so windblown, which I find distracting (and usually I’m not as fussy about hair).

  7. I think this is a great outfit for Beatrice. I like the hat just fine and it looks better this time than the previous, I think because we see more of her beautiful hair this time. I like how her jacket has elements of both a tuxedo and waistcoat– unexpectedly chiming in with the men’s fashions at Ascot. The stripes on her skirt and the stars on her shoes are also fun elements.

  8. A great look for Bea. The hat is a good repeat (I hadn’t even spotted it was a repeat), and the outfit is really well put together. She looks fab.

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