Day 2 Royal Ascot: Crown Princess Mary

Royal Ascot  The other big surprise today was the attendance of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. For her first visit to Royal Ascot, Princess Mary repeated a vertical saucer hat in natural straw studded with diamanté, trimmed with large silk roses and flying coque feathers.

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Royal Hats: I love this styling of the natural straw hat with Mary’s vibrant orange dress. I wish the British royals would take a page out of her book and pair their neutral hats with some colour! Their brim-to-hem looks in all cream are getting tiresome. I also love that Mary has paired an extremely ornamental hat with a more streamlined dress-  the complimentary contrast of these two very different pieces creates such a balanced ensemble.

Jill: Such a ladylike outfit, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark looks fantastic. I very much like the color combination of the natural straw with the bright orange/red of her dress and the overall look is effortless. These profile hugging fascinators are not easy to wear but it suits her and the way the flowers are balancing her hairstyle is perfect.

Fiona: Love the coral colour and style of her dress. The barley coloured, (though not my favourite colour) works as a good contrast for a hat. Nice style hat, we have seen a lot of this before – classic and safe but the edgeless edge or untrimmed edge is always a welcome detail. Love the shoes with the ankle strap. Though they look a different colour to her hat, it works as another contrasting colour.

Christie: This is a much better example of how to do a solo flower trim than the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat yesterday. The stripped coque feathers lighten the weight of the flower, in addition to the clean angled lines of the base. She looks very elegant and it’s beautifully balanced from the side.

Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: May 22, 2012; July 2, 2011

It’s unanimous- not only do we love this five year old hat, we love the overall styling of Crown Princess Mary’s ensemble today. What do you think of this piece for the Danish princess’ Ascot début?

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20 thoughts on “Day 2 Royal Ascot: Crown Princess Mary

  1. Prince Frederik’s top hat looked too big for him I am not a fan of saucer hat’s that block the vision of the person wearing the hat. Princess Mary’s saucer hat looks lovely from the front and from the left side, but her vision is blocked on the right side.

  2. Mary could have worn a potato sack and I woul have been thrilled just to see her at Ascot. Instead, she obliged by wearing my favorite dress paired with a fantastic hat. Well done!

  3. This hat is not the most exciting for me as we’ve seen this shape quite often on many people in the past five years, but Mary still pulls it off so well, especially with her beautiful dress. Again, not as exciting, but still a favorite look of mine from Day 2.

  4. I love this look!! I agree that I wish the BRF would pair neutrals with color. I also loved Princess Mary’s shoes. They were to die for!!! That is another thing I wish the BRF would do—wear more dramatic shoes. At least we can count on Beatrice and Eugenie to do so.

  5. What a lovely surprise having another royal at Ascot. Mary and Fred looked great, although I’m concerned that Mary was cold, given that all the others had long sleeves and/or jackets. Her hat is lovely, one of the best of the day but, although I like her dress, it just feels a bit too ‘casual’ for the BRF standards we see at Ascot. Still, the Danes (and the Australians) have a different approach to things and this dress seems to fit Mary’s style.

    • I always get a kick out of seeing so many coats on the BRF. I’ll go to look up the weather and it’ll be 60-75F in London and they’re still wearing full-on coats. To me, 60F says, sure wear a light, breathable coat or sweater, and they’re bundled up like they’re expecting a freeze. But by the time I hit 70 or 75 I’m ready to go out just as I am, and they’re still bundled to the hilt! I’ve heard that QEII tends to run cold, so I wonder if it’s a matter of the family following suit, and CPMary doesn’t have to do so?

  6. Love the hat – not the dress – the color combo of the two is great however. The dress, for me, boarders on what my my would have called in the 40s, a ‘Dutchy’ dress – meaning it’s a bit of a house-frau style dress.

  7. I love this dress and I love this hat. But not together. This dress seems a bit casual for Ascot. And it feels like Mary stood in the hat closet and said “Oh this hat is very British” I do like that she paired the cream hat with a color in the dress, that is great and I wish our British royal ladies would do more color combinations rather than echoing the Queen in one color head to toe.

  8. Princess Mary once again hits all the right notes. I’m a big fan of her style. I only hope she wasn’t too cold with her bare arms. Most of the others are swathed in heavy fabric and multiple layers. What was the temperature?

  9. I am Australian and check in on favourite royal blogs whilst eating my breakfast. I nearly chocked on my Weet bix squealing with delight when I saw Princess Mary at Ascot – just too fabulous. It might be the pairing with the orange dress but to me Mary’s hat looks pale peach which I think looks lovely. I particularly like the photos of Mary, Sophie & Kate together they seem to have enjoyed each other’s company and made a stylish trio.

  10. Crown Princess Mary looked fresh and stylish in red ( although the material of the dress suffered from sitting on ,something that we never se from the British royals.The décolletage was a shade risque) loved the hat but could have added some jewellery of note.

  11. LOVE CP Mary’s whole outfit……….She really does have the most superb taste in clothes (must be because she is a fellow Aussie!). I am not a big fan of orange and not many people can carry it off, but she can and the hat is just perfect. British Royals: get her stylist’s phone number!

  12. I know I’m in the minority but I do not like that color combination – it feels too harsh for my taste. I’m also not a fan of the extreme tilt on this hat.

  13. I agree that the British Royal ladies should add color to their all-cream outfits. A stunning hat and dress combo by Crown Princess Mary–love it!

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