Day 3 Royal Ascot: Princess Haya

Royal Ascot  We have seen Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein in both black and white hats so far during Ascot week so I suppose it was only natural that she choose red next. Her large red picture hat for Ladies’ Day today is lavishly trimmed with feathers and straw twists.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Christie: I just love her eclectic style! This hat has all the theatrical elements that no doubt Princess Haya loves. It’s beautifully finished and the textured crinoline trim lightens the look and works well with her dress.  I love that she’s opted for more subtle pieces with her jewellery, as the neckline is elegant and works well with a larger hat.  Although, not 100% my style, I appreciate the effort, detail and craftsmanship in this look.

Fiona: What a beautiful and perfectly coordinated Ascot look. The lady in red top to toe looks amazing. The appliqué lace detail in the dress is so well picked up by the light and airy trimming on the hat. She loves her horizontal wide brims and she carries them so well. All round a perfect look and one of my favourites so far.

Jill: This is what I have been waiting for all week! I love this, it is everything I see an Ascot hat to be in my mind and is definitely my favorite of the day. I adore the layers of texture, it is a perfect compliment to her dress and is a wonderful example of how to make a tone on tone hat interesting. It’s a lot of hat (and a lot of red) but she carries it beautifully.

Royal Hats: One word- WOW. This hat is why I love Royal Ascot!

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new

I suspect you have much to say about this dramatic red ensemble and can’t wait to hear it!

Photos from Getty as indicated

23 thoughts on “Day 3 Royal Ascot: Princess Haya

    • I love a grand hat but I have to wonder where else could someone ever wear this hat? I love that Haya wears the largest and most dramatic hats to Ascot but are they ever worn again? There has been a lot of criticism for Camilla this week because some people think her hats are boring. They might be boring but they work for so many occasions that they all get worn over and over! That seems a more responsible way to wear royal hats.

      I guess if you have millions of dollars to flitter away you don’t have to worry about these things.

  1. How I wish that I had a reason to wear a hat this wonderful! Oh,well. I did treat myself to a Philip Treay hat for my 60th birthday which we celebrated in London.

    • How fun, Edie! It must be exquisite. I hope you have an occasion (better yet, many occasions) to show it off.

  2. MrFitzroy can’t help but imagining the Princess dropped into the middle of the “My Fair Lady” Ascot sequence. THAT would be something to see. There’s also a little Hello Dolly and Auntie Mame mixed in. In the best possible way.

  3. Red overload! The hat is beautiful on her, the dress is ill-fitting, and the shoes have that thick sole which does nothing to flatter a woman’s legs. Other than her beautiful hat, one of my least favorite on Princess Haya.

  4. It’s a lot of red worn with the dress, shoes, AND clutch, but this may be my favorite Ascot hat of the year!

  5. Now THIS is what Ascot is all about! Haya, thanks for showing us how it’s done, especially for Ladies’ Day! Beyond stunning. That’s all I have to say about that!

  6. WOW! Just WOW! Gorgeous outfit on a gorgeous lady. Princess Haya has always been my favorite to watch at Royal Ascot, and she never disappoints.

  7. That’s the hat I’ve been waiting for all week! Thank you Princess Haya!!! It’s a lot of work but she WERQs it. Love how Sheikh Mohammed matched his tie!

  8. This is an Ascot hat, no doubting that. Thanks Haya. Wouldn’t it be great if the royal British women were so bold! (Sophie is kind of excused.)

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