Day 3 Royal Ascot: Princess Michael of Kent

Royal Ascot  Princess Michael of Kent put in her first Ascot appearance of the year today, accompanied by her husband and son. She repeated a pale blue straw hat with ‘slice’ brim, trimmed with pleated organdie and crinoline ruffles studded with blue feathers.

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Jill: How lovely, absolutely lovely! These wonderful steely blues and greys are fabulous on Princess Michael of Kent and this hat is definitely a show stopper. A little heavy in the trim maybe and the hat could have used a bit more of a tilt but I really love this trim hugging the face and the clean lines of the platter are striking.

Christie: Hmmm… at first glance I thought no, but I can see why this hat was designed. I think, perhaps, that she just doesn’t have it on correctly –  that it’s meant to be more angled so that the trim sits on top of her head, instead of to the side.  I’ve always felt there was a fine line with getting crinoline to look high fashion vs tacky … I think that this piece is on the right side of the fence –  if it was sitting correctly.  The side view shows the thought in the draping of the crinoline in to flowers and the subtle texturing of it’s ends. Worn correctly, I actually think this could be quite an amazing design.

Royal Hats: It’s a great hat but as Christie said, it’s worn at the wrong angle. Do you know how badly I want to tilt it upward so it is worn at the angle a slice hat should be worn?!  When she wore this hat to Ascot back in 2013, placed at the correct angle, it was stunning.

Fiona: What can I say, this is faultless. She has hit the mark on every element. I love the combination of dusty blue and bright baby blue. Her cape is exquisitely elegant and I love the peep of the buckle in the dress. The cape is so crisp and impeccably finished. The hat compliments the cape and dress perfectly, though perhaps she could have slanted it a little more, to create more drama. Overall a very polished ensemble. My only criticism, if you could call it that, is perhaps the hat is a little over-trimmed and I think the brolly is that one accessory she should have ditched!

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 21, 2013; June 2, 2012

It has been a long while since we saw Princess Michael step out in this hat. What did you think of it (or its placement) on her today?

Photos from Getty as indicated

13 thoughts on “Day 3 Royal Ascot: Princess Michael of Kent

  1. She looks really nice in this pale blue color. I looked at the hat from 2013 Ascot and, I’m definitely no expert, but I think her face looks better with the hat tilted the way it is now. You can see more of her hair and actual face.

  2. Unlike other commenters, I don’t find the costume cohesive. The cape and the hat themselves are wonderful, but there is way too much going on when one adds the dress–buttons, brooch, box pleats, colors. I find HatQueen’s almost physical urge to correct the angle that hat quite understandable.

  3. This is a fabulous and cohesive look from M-C. I love the different layers and textures going on. But I do agree with the concensus that the angle is all wrong!

    • I am surprised how many people like it worn this way. Worn up as a true slice hat is so much better and the side ruffles don’t sag.

  4. Thank Hat Queen for posting the link to previous outing of this hat at Royal Ascot I agree it was much successfully not just because of the angle of the hat but the pairing of the hat with her beautiful white and grey silk patterned dress. Goes to shows the clothes and hat together make a perfect outfit.

  5. Marie-Christine, are you losing your magic touch? This is so poorly executed. Last time she wore this hat and coat, she looked absolutely fabulous. Indeed, this hat is at the wrong angle, and her dress underneath that awesome coat is too frumpy. At least we get to see her great smile!

  6. This hat design was a popular one for Ladies Day this year – I saw multiple versions of this design: sliced straw hat with huge rose-type trimming under the upturned brim (that’s my attempt at describing this!) I had to have seen at least 10-15 different women with this general look. Princess Michael of Kent is the only woman I saw who wore this hat style at this angle and, like the milliners and Hat Queen say, it doesn’t work sitting so flat on her head. Too bad because it is a lovely design and color for her.

    As for the comment about the umbrella – early in the day it looked like it was going to pour rain at any minute (it actually did shower heavily late morning). The weather forecast was for heavy showers and even thundershowers about the time of the Royal Procession. So understandable for Princess Michael to have that umbrella with her. Fortunately the forecast was wrong – other than the heavy shower early it never rained again. And when we arrived to our hotel in London in the pouring rain we learned to rained all day “like cats and dogs” in the city.

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