Queen Margrethe Visits Faroe Islands

While our focus has been on the British royals for the past week, we have a number of royal hat outings to catch up on in other countries! Queen Margrethe continued the first leg of her summer cruise, visiting the Faroe Islands. For her arrival by plane last Sunday, she repeated a navy felt hat with rounded crown and rolled brim, edged in navy and white hounds tooth piping. The hatband is also edged in the piping, secured with a button at the side. Maregrethe isn’t one to mix and match her hats much but she paired the hat with a new navy suit (instead of the hounds tooth dress it has been worn with until now).

Queen Margrethe, June 12, 2016 | Royal Hats Queen Margrethe, June 12, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: August 23, 2009; July 6, 2009 and likely others

Queen Margrethe wore traditional Faeroese dress (see the retrospective below, taken in 1963 and 2016) for the first two days of the visit last Monday and Tuesday- some great photos can be viewed here and here at the Danish Monarchy’s website.

The programme on Wednesday was decidedly more casual and saw the Danish Queen tie a turban scarf around her head. It’s such an unpretentious move, you’ve got to love Margrethe for it.

Queen Margrethe, June 15, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe, June 15, 2016 | Royal Hats

Princess Benedikte accompanied members of the Danish Royal Ballet on a trip to China this week but alas, did not appear in any hats.

Photos from Liselotte Sabroe via BT; Alvur Haraldsen/Polphoto via the Danish Monarchy

7 thoughts on “Queen Margrethe Visits Faroe Islands

  1. I like this hat and the fact that she’s paired it with something different. Usually you can predict head-to-toe what Daisy will wear as she usually repeats everything exactly. The headscarf is fun and absolutely Daisy, love it.

  2. This is a fantastic hat for Margrethe, and nice to see it paired with another outfit (although I think she looks great in either one). It does, however, render rather black on my computer screen, hmm . . . the headscarf is something rather unexpected and fun for her as well.

  3. I’d like this hat more if the crown were less flat, not domed.
    But the scarf-as-turban? — surprisingly chic and flattering.

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