British Royals in Liverpool

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh spent the day in Liverpool today where they visited the town hall, opened a children’s hospital (where they attended a tea party on one of the wards) attended an international business festival and opened a new conference exhibition centre. For this busy day of engagements, the Queen repeated a pale pink straw hat I have been hoping we’d see again this season.

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This hat, a variation on a cloche, features a squared crown and short double brim.  A wide hat band in the same straw breaks up the tall crown and the hat is trimmed with straw bows and a silk peony blossom.

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It’s always nice to see close-up photos of hats and today’s shots show the impeccable detail on this design. I particularly love how the tiny feathers are integrated into the silk peony- it’s an an intricate detail that gives a wonderfully delicate sense of movement to the front of the hat. I’m not sure I have noticed the upper brim on this piece before and really like how its oval shape plays off the symmetrically round base brim. The Queen also removed her coat for part of the day, giving us a rare glimpse of how hat looks alone with her silk dress.

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Designer:  Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 25, 2014June 18, 2013
My only quibble with this ensemble is with the neckline of the coat (I’m on the fence about it) but I love the pairing of the pink hat with the subtly patterned coat and dress. We’ve not seen this hat for a few years- what do you think of it today?
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17 thoughts on “British Royals in Liverpool

  1. Love the beautiful soft pink on HM . It is great to see this hat again. So so for the coat but overall HM really looks wonderful as usual .

  2. This hat is all kinds of just right – a delight!
    I agree that the coat looks like a lab coat – the buttons are too small and fussy (hidden buttons would be better); the fabric is stiff, the pocket flaps don’t relate to the minimalism of the coat design, and their placement makes her look top heavy and short-legged.
    Time and again we see unflattering rectangular blocky-shaped style coats on HM’s fabulous non-rectangular curvaceous figure. While HM’s gorgeous hats look dynamic and creative, sadly, I often feel her coats must be inspired by a raincoat. We only have to compare HM’s coat ensembles to those of Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and the Duchess of Cornwall (who also have curvy figures), to see that there are other options for a petite senior royal. I would love to see the queen’s dressmakers use curves and diagonals more often in her coats, both in detailing and in overall shape.

  3. Pretty in pink! This color on the queen makes me smile. The coat looks like she came from the lab or the shop – it has a somewhat industrial feel to it.

  4. It’s not innovative, but the color, design, and craftsmanship make a beautiful hat.

    interesting hatpin design, too.

  5. This is one of her most beautiful ensembles. It’s very delicate, yet structured. The textures are lovely, and she looks great in it. I can’t fault this outfit, and am so pleased it’s still going. It really should become one of her summer regular wears.

  6. I love this hat and didn’t realize it had been so long since we have seen it. It’s one of my favorites. And I love the dress as well, I’d wear that print in a heartbeat.

  7. I can’t believe it’s been so long since we last saw this hat. It’s so gorgeous, and RTM really outdid herself with this one. I really love how we can see the details so well this time to appreciate this hat even more! Brava!

  8. The color is glorious, and the hat is perfection. The coat is a question mark. For myself, I think it would be better by far without the pocket flaps. Still, a very nice ensemble.

  9. A beautiful working outfit for the Queen. It’s atypical (but somewhat refreshing) that the hat does not contain any of the extra colors in the dress. The neckline of the coat is a little small and high, but at least it’s not crooked. The hat is my favorite part of this outfit.

  10. Oh, I just love HMin pink! It just does something for her complexion which is darn good for 90 anyway! This hat looks just right-not too much or too little adornments. All in all, one of my favorite hats in my favorite color on Queen Elizabeth! Hope to see it more often on HM.

  11. Love love the colour and appreciate the hat design but not so much the coat. Do not like how the sleeves are attached at the top and the general plainness..

    Again the pink is excellent.

  12. The hat is wonderful; one of my favourites of HM this year. I also like the coat collar and the pretty silk dress. (In the picture without the coat, there is something about her expression that reminds me of her mother.)

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