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Charming photos of Princess Anne watching her granddaughter, Mia Tindall, at a charity polo match last weekend. This came ahead of disappointing news for the Phillips family on Tuesday that Zara Tindall was not named to the British Equestrian Team for Rio 2016.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Queen Margrethe handed out a military award yesterday in what looked like a new, white straw hat (Billed Bladet)

Interesting article about rising British millinery star, Laura Apsit Livens (The Lifestyle Edit)

Infanta Elena in her go-to fedoras at last Sunday’s Longines Global Champions Tour in Madrid. She wore a chocolate one the day before at a bullfight she watched with her son.

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Sweet photos of the Duke and Duchess of Parma with their family and newest member, Prince Carlos Enrique (Paris Match)

The Norwegian Monarchy released a new line of succession photo this week, showing it in comparison with the last one taken ten years ago (Royal House of Norway)

Queen Elizabeth sent her second tweet, a message of thanks for all the good wishes received for her recent birthday (British Monarchy)

Acclaimed Canadian journalist Peter Mansbridge interviewed Peter and Autumn Philips in the days leading up to the Queen’s 90th birthday. I had meant to share this earlier (my apologies) and while some of the interview’s relevance has passed, Autumn gives a glimpse of what it’s like for a foreigner to marry in to the British Royal Family that’s most interesting.

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. That Mia Tindall looks like a firecracker! Super cute to see Princess Anne running around with her.

    Enough of Elena and her Fedoras.

  2. Queen Margrethe looks like she’s just finished a game of lawn bowls – especially with that skirt and shoes. And the domed schoolgirl boater isn’t helping. To my eye it’s uninspired and unflattering. Not stylish enough for this confident queen!

  3. Thank you Laura and Snug Harbor! I enjoyed reading both articles. I thought Lady Brabourne’ s hat was pretty amazing!

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