Belgian National Day

King Philippe, Queen Mathilde and their children celebrated their country’s national holiday today with a Te Deum mass this morning at the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula in Brussels followed by a military parade.

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Queen Mathilde wore a new hat, as she usually does for this event each year. This year’s ensemble was less dramatic than in years past and she topped an exquisite NATAN lace dress with a hat described by the designer as “a beige pink head dress accompanied by a matching clutch, both made out of banana fibres.” The headpiece looks to be made of individual crescents (stylised petals perhaps?) stacked to follow the general shape of a calot hat.

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Queen Mathilde, July 21, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new
The stacked, overlapping petals pieces give some visual interest and movement to the design, counteracting it’s nondescript colour without overwhelming the delicate lace of Mathilde’s dress. It’s an ensemble that’s all about subtlety and while we might prefer outfits with more punch, there’s something undeniably beautiful and elegant about this one.
What do you think of Queen Mathilde’s new hat today?
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14 thoughts on “Belgian National Day

  1. I love that after a few years with a bigger hat she went for something totally different. Very flattering, very elegant.

  2. Banana fibers! Who knew? I agree with HatQueen’s assessment about the subtle charms of this piece and the way it complements the dress. It won’t be one of my favorites for the year, but I appreciate its elegance.

  3. I’m with Jake. I find this dress design deeply unflattering to Mathilde’s high waisted “A” shape torso. The lack of detailing also creates with this fabric an unfortunate blurry “nude” appearance- — It looks rather like a thermal skivvy that just grew :).Compare with Maxima’s more structured blush lace dress here:

    The earrings are also overly itty-bitty and long for this hairdo: more substantial, shorter ones would add balance.
    I like the hat — I hope we see it again paired with another outfit, ideally in a different colour,

  4. My favorite queen in an exquisite ensemble…Stunning! I love the hat with the dress; it’s so right! Beautiful family.

  5. I’m gonna go against the flow and say I’m not a fan of this ensemble at all. The color just is so washed out, and in turn washes Mathilde out unfortunately. If this was in navy, a more saturated pink, red, purple, or teal, I would enjoy this a whole lot more. The hat itself looks interesting, but not super-exciting to me just because it’s similar to so many other calots and headpieces she frequently wears.

  6. So very lovely and elegant! The hat and dress work wonderfully together.
    Very regal, befitting a queen.
    Queen Mathilda knows what she is doing.

  7. I love the dress and the color. Very subtle and elegant. I do like the hat, I wish we had a full view from the back to get the full picture of it, but as much as I like the hat I do wonder if it had been a bit bigger if it might have been better. We can hardly see it since it barely covers the back of her head, almost a hair ornament rather than a hat. A lovely looking family!!!

  8. The hat is okay. It isn’t a favorite, but it looks fine on her, and blends in with her dress. As always she is elegant, lovely and fully engaged in the day. This is such a lovely family. It is nice to see them all together.

  9. Very elegant again – Queen Mathilde is a lovely dresser. I always love to see her and the King either arm in arm or holding hands – I sometimes wish our royal family took a leaf out of their book.

  10. 1. I don’t care for the headpiece. . .it’s hardly a “hat.”
    2. The color is boring on such a beautiful dress and lovely lady.
    3. Great looking family!

    • I agree with what Jimbo says: July 21, 2016 at 1:09 pm. This colour really washes the Queen out. I have never cared for these small headpieces.

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