Closer Look: The Blue Mirman Rose

Royal HatsAnother hat from this summer’s three-part exhibition on Queen Elizabeth’s fashion is one worn during her silver jubilee tour to New Zealand in 1977. Another design by French milliner Simone Mirman, the focus of this piece are its small pleats which swirl into a rose shape at the top of the crown. Notice the impeccable French seams on the loops of the bow and the single hand stitch near the top of the swirl centre.

Another great video from The Royal Collection Trust shows that this swirled rose pleats extend into a turban-  a shape we widely associate with Queen Elizabeth in the late 1970s. While I’m not sure the cutouts are a successful design detail (does anyone else see alien eyes?), the fabric work on this piece- hand pleating and invisible stitches anchoring down these pleats- is remarkable.

Current fashion sensibilities might cause many of us to groan at these 1970s turbans but there is a lightness and delicacy to this one, thanks to Mirman’s beautiful touch with the silk organza, that makes it work a closer look.
Photos and video from The Royal Trust

16 thoughts on “Closer Look: The Blue Mirman Rose

  1. I am not as opposed to the turbans as a lot are. Only the ones with the handkerchief finish in the back to I find a bit offensive. At any rate, I couldn’t find HM Queen wearing this hat either but came across this. “63 reigning years: a year-by-year account of the Queen’s style”, at which no doubt Hat Queen and many of you have seen but I hadn’t. Wonderful as so much of this is.

  2. Pleating organza this way is frustrating, finger-breaking work, as is French seaming and turning those tiny ribbons! It is slippery, evil fabric!

    I am constantly in awe of the perfection of HM’s hats and clothing. The patience required to achieve this is far beyond me.

  3. I think this is such an intricately made hat, and such a great colour for the Queen, but I don’t think the turban style of hat suits her very well overall.

  4. I like this hat very delicate looking and soft. I too wish there was a picture of her wearing it. It also reminds me of the ivory rose hat the D of Cambridge wore but I think I like this one of HM’s better….maybe it’s the color.

  5. Yes, the craftsmanship and material are beautiful, although I’m not convinced this translates to a beautiful hat. I don’t see either alien eyes or fish, but those cut-outs are a little odd. Too bad there is no image of it in action.

  6. Its a beautiful hat, and wonderful shade of blue. You must marvel at it’s details in construction.
    That said, I’m glad HM has graduated from such designs.
    Isn’t this a magnificent shot?

      • I could only dream of seeing such a marvelous display! Living in Ohio, I don’t even think an Uber Cab could get me to Buck House!
        I know HM is soon going to Scotland for a late summer’s rest, and she deserves it!!

    • I like the brimmed hats the best from what I can see in this wonderful shot. The purple brimmed hat on the right looks like a forerunner to the shapes she favors today. The raspberry colored hat with “basket weave” on it looks nice, too.

  7. That is one of my pet peeves too – along with “I should OF known better!” I do think the cut-outs on this hat are unnecessary, but the workmanship is impeccable. Very chic.

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