Hat Mystery

I need help, dearest readers, sorting out a handful of pink straw hats by Fabienne Delvigne in Queen Máxima’s closet.

Hat A: Pale pink straw hat with raised ‘slice’ brim trimmed with grosgrain hatband worn on September 21, 2010 for the opening of Dutch parliament. Unfortunately, these photos are a little washed out (see more photos here. Photo #8 shows a grosgrain half bow at the side of the hat.)

Embed from Getty ImagesEmbed from Getty Images

Hat B: Another (the same?) pink straw hat with raised ‘slice’ brim, grosgrain hatband and half bow worn November 22, 2013 on a visit to Colombia

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

I think A and B were the same- the colour looks the same, ribbon hatbands and bows are the same, the size of the brim and the subtle diagonal pattern on its underside are both the same. There appears to be a slightly sharper angle of the raised ‘slice’ brim in hat A but I think could be explained by placement a tiny bit further back Queen Máxima’s head.

Hat C: Here’s where I get confused- another pink straw hat with slice brim worn on a visit to The Hague on October 5, 2011. This hat follows the same shape as Hats AB and has the same woven pattern in the straw of the brim, same width of the brim edging, and same half grosgrain bow trim. What’s different is the colour. Is this a matter of photography or is this a different hat?

  Princess Máxima, October 5, 2011 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats  Princess Máxima, October 5, 2011 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Princess Máxima, October 5, 2011 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats  Princess Máxima, October 5, 2011 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Enter Hat D worn just last month. It’s another dull pink picture hat with sweeping, raised brim. You’ll notice that the grosgrain ribbon hatband and half bow are the same, as is the width of the brim edging. Even the placement of Fabienne Delvigne’s logo beside the half bow is the same. What’s different, however is the angle of the raised brim. In fact, the entire curve where the brim meets the crown looks lower on this hat than the ones above. If you look very closely at placement again, you’ll see that Queen Máxima’s eyebrows are nearly invisible here – she has pulled down very low over her forehead. I suppose this could account for the more relaxed look of the brim…. but I’m not sure. Colour here is also an issue but could be explained by the very dull day and the orange cast thrown by Máxima’s dress. See what I mean about confusing?!

Queen Máxima, June 13, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats  Queen Máxima, June 13, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

So… which hats here are the same?  After staring hours at these photographs, I’m waving away encroaching insanity and will rely on your fresh eyes. Let’s chat.

Photos from Getty as indicated: Albert Nieboer via PPE; Abaca; Corbis; Albert Nieboer via PPE; Michel Porro and Michel Porro via Getty

23 thoughts on “Hat Mystery

  1. I think Queen Maxima looks great in pink regardless of the lighting. I also thought it looked like the same hat because that would be a plethora of pink or washed out pink hats! Beautiful hat!

  2. I heard from Fabienne Delvigne’s PR manager this morning- these four hats are officially, the same hat! No alterations have been done to it so the subtle changes we see are entirely the result of photography, lighting and placement. Mystery solved!

    • Ha, I was about to vote “all the same,” but I see my opinion is unnecessary! Thanks for the intriguing test of vision and perception, HatQueen!

    • I love this hat and I was not surprised that it is the same hat. It is amazing how different placement, different hairdos, various camera angles, the clothes you wear a hat with, the accessories, and the jewels, can all add to making a hat look quite different.

  3. I reckon the same hat – she’s just pulled the brim a bit further down in the last shot. The colours are changed because of photography or what she’s wearing.

  4. Pfff, I hate this hat 😉 Such a confusing one. I think hat A, B &C are the same. I’ve seen hat C with my own eyes and the colour is less purple and more (soft) pink in reality. The brim from hat D looks different, but has exactly the same ‘imperfections’ as hat C. Jolanda, the dresser from Q Máxima, has follow a study to make hats. Maybe she give the brim an update?

    • HA! If you’re also confused, Josine, I don’t feel nearly so bad! If Hat C is more pink in person, I think that confirms it is the same hat as A and B. That just leaves D to figure out.

      Everyone- Josine is an expert on Queen Maxima’s fashion and her blog (see it here) is an excellent resource. Thanks, Josine!

  5. I think they are all the same hat, sometimes the sun is shining through it or the light is stronger/weaker that’s making it look a different color.
    I love this hat, the queen looks great in it. It’s flattering on her.

  6. I would also vote these are all the same hat with the brim reshaped. If it is in fact the same hat she is definitely getting her full use out of it. This also proves it is such a classic and beautiful designed hat that it goes with so many outfits and we can end up questioning if it is the same hat in these many pictures. A beautiful hat for a beautiful Queen!

  7. I am 99% certain these are all the same hat, with the brim constantly being reshaped. B is my favorite out of all of these, and it definitely looks like B was softened up from the more severe angle of A. C looks to be all swept up in front, rather than just on the side, and I think the lighting accounts for the difference in color. D is where things go a bit odd; you can see how far the brim slopes down from the base of the crown in D compared to A, B, and C, before being slightly upturned at the edge. I find this hides too much of Máxima’s face, and this is the fault of the brim reshape, not placement on her head (which I think is the same for A-D; it’s the brim shape that creates the illusion of different placements on her head).

    FYI, the sisal of this hat is generally a softer material, even when blocked very well, and so can be reshaped easier than some other straws (whereas sinamay can be soft, but once stiffened, it can easily crack if not handled properly, and the same is true with panama toquilla straw).

  8. I also believe they are all the same hat and she is getting very good use out of it!! She is a stunning woman. Thanks Hat Queen for all that you do.

  9. I think they are all the same hat just looking tonally different in different lights, outfits etc. The shape change for hat D might be due to it being pulled so far down on her head – perhaps it was a windy day or exposed location – unlike the other photos Max is wearing one of her Ninja Hat Pins to anchor the hat in place.

  10. I honestly believe we have the same hat in all the photos. The photography and how Max wears the hat accounts for the variations–I think…😖

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  11. How moldable is this type of straw brim? My first thought is that they are all the same hat with the brim manipulated into slightly different configurations.

  12. I will plump for them all being the same. At first I thought the fourth one was pinker in tone, but the last photo from the back makes it look very similar to the others, so maybe as you say it’s the influence of the dress reflection! I think the brim definitely differs between them, I don’t think it’s just placement – the first has a very steep angle, the second less so, the third has more of the brim upturned further round, and the fourth is a softer curve. However, I think this is either due to the straw retaining shape of itself (ie just stiff enough that it will “remember” the shape you mould it into), or else that it’s actually been re-steamed between wearings.

    It would be interesting to know for sure!

  13. If they aren’t the same, I would definitely be surprised!

    I think the color issues are a combination of photography and what she is wearing with it. Brilliant color choice to be so chameleon-like.

    As to the shape variation, I think some of it is photographic angle – even the different pics within wearing C look slightly different to me. Perhaps, too, the material is a little bit malleable, and allows for adjustment. Looking at the front of the brim in your next-to-last pic, it does appear a little “rumpled” like it’s been worked a bit.

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