Inventory: Princess Eugenie’s Green Hats

While we’re still thinking things green from Queen Elizabeth’s impressive inventory of green hats last week, here’s a much quicker look at the two hats in this hue worn by Princess Eugenie:

Princess Eugenie, June 18, 2009 in Stephen Jones | Royal Hats  2.Princess Eugenie, June 14, 2011 in Stephen Jones | Royal Hats

Designer: Philip Treacy; Stephen Jones 
Introduced: June 18, 2009; June 14, 2011

I have never been a great fan of the lime green satellite dish (although I do admire the bravery required to pull it off), but the green straw beret with flower trim is one of my favourite hats we have ever seen Eugenie wear- beautiful colour, beautiful scale, beautiful detail. She wears green very well and here’s hoping we see her in more green hats, soon.

Photos from Max Mumby/Indigo and Anwar Hussein via Getty

9 thoughts on “Inventory: Princess Eugenie’s Green Hats

  1. I like everything about the lime green hat, except for the positioning. I think it would look a whole lot better on the side. I like the teal beret a lot. It is simple and cohesive, with a slightly surprising flower. And I am a big fan of hats that fit the head. They look so comfortable.

    • I agree with everything you say, Ruthtoo.
      I love seeing Eugenie wear colour. Her refined and naturally pale complexion, contrasted with her dark hair, is the perfect backdrop for clear bright colours such as these. I would also love to see her wearing her sister’s orange hats!

  2. I too would vote a big NO on the lime green hat. I am not a fan of those hats that don’t actually sit on the head, but rather defy gravity, sitting so far forward. I would though vote a big YES to the dark green beret. It not only is a lovely hat but Eugenie looks very lovely in it!

  3. The lime green hat is the piece that attracted me to this; wonderful wold of royals. If a hat can do that? It was so modern that I thought wow the monarchy isn’t all antiquated.
    Also thank you Royal hats, I have admired and read your blog for years now.

    • I adore that this lime hat is what made you a royal hat follower, LaurenR! Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are great ambassadors for modern British millinery and I love them for it.

  4. I love both of these hats! Yes, the Treacy hat is definitely a horse race hat, but I would like to see it venture out again, just for frivolity’s sake. The emerald beret is stunning; I can’t recall if this hat has been repeated, but even if it has, it’s been too long since we’ve seen it, and it must return!

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