Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to 49 years ago where a very chic Princess Grace (and a cute young Prince Albert) arrived home to Monaco from Montreal, Canada. She is the only royal I can think of who can make a chin strap on a hat look glamorous.

Photo from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Love these vintage hats, HatQueen!
    Chinstraps– strongly featured in couturier Andre Courreges’ 1965 collection (and in Pierre Cardin’s)– would have been right on trend when this pic of Grace was taken in 1967.
    Here are some closer views of the hat. Grace wore it several times on that tour. I agree that she pulls off the look very well.


    Some chinstrap designs by Courreges below. Yes, the first shows Audrey Hepburn.

    1965, designer unknown, below:

    BTW here’s Grace in 1971, in a somewhat similar hat (no chinstrap :)). I think this hat also looks marvelous on her.

    • These links are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. It’s fascinating to this design trend during this particular time in millinery fashion. I must admit I’m happy it didn’t last very long!

    • Hello. your page about Hat is very interesting, and you collect some symbolic images here. I want to ask you the photo’s information. It is the Audrey Hepburn’s next one. “Some chinstrap designs by Courreges”. I seek who is the Yellow Girl, and where/when was it pressed (magazine, or catalogue, etc). Sicerly

  2. I do not like the looks of the chin strap, but understand the need for one at times. I have not seen a picture of HM quite like this one. She doesn’t look like her usual calm, imperturbable self!

  3. I remember also the time when Prince Phillip surprised everyone by standing in line with the bearskin hat – with chin strap!

  4. It’s rare to see the Queen so blown about! But her huge grin says it all! Now we know why she wears weights in her hems.

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