Closer Look: The Thaarup Blue Lattice Hat

Royal HatsWhen the British Royal Family visited Norway in August, 1969, Queen Elizabeth wore an interesting hat that looked to be an oversized, braided pillbox:

Embed from Getty Images

This hat was included in the Holyrood House section of this year’s three-part exhibition, ‘Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of Style from The Queen’s Wardrobe’. The Royal Collection Trust shared this photo of it as displayed in the exhibition:

This view shows the piece is actually a complex design featuring a straw base through which silk organza is woven- a design that creates a hat with amazing textural contrast. These days, we usually expect trim (feathers, flowers etc.) to provide most of a hat’s visual interest, something that this hat creates entirely through its interwoven design. It is not a hat that transcends time particularly well – the shape and design are firmly rooted in 1960s style – but for its time, I think this is a compelling piece.
What do you think of this design, now that we’ve had a closer look?
Photos from Getty as indicated and The Royal Collection Trust

20 thoughts on “Closer Look: The Thaarup Blue Lattice Hat

  1. Hi there! Stumbled on this blog by accident and now I’m hooked! Noticed the inside of the queens straw woven hat? Is that mesh? What purpose does it serve?

  2. On Princess Anne’s hat I like the half up half down brim, which is quite snazzy, but the crown is too bulbous. The Queen’s hat seems a bit oversized too, but she carries it well. I like the idea of the contrasting colors and the woven design and think it must have looked fresh and summery at the time. I too would like to see the whole outfit in color. These historical looks are so interesting. Thanks!

  3. The hat certainly is more interesting in color, but I too actually prefer it without all the contrasts — as it appears in black and white. I would like to see the entire outfit in color. Perhaps then the hat would seem more appropriate. It’s a wonderful hat for display, perhaps less wonderful for actual wearing.
    I think Princess Anne looks surprisingly fantastic in this photo!

  4. If this hat were about one third the size, it might catch the interest of the queens who wear Fabienne Delvigne. The open crown and swaths of fabric remind me of her recent creations. If it were substantially smaller, and in different colors, I could see Queen Mathilde or Queen Maxima give it a go.

  5. I do hate to be greedy but now I would like to see the entire outfit in color! In what way did the hat go with the coat – same color or contrasting with another? I much prefer the hat seen in the color photo, in the black and white it seemed aging. The bright blue is very pretty and fresh looking.

    The Queen looks quite serious in the photo but I would bet she looked stunning in person!

  6. Princess Anne’s hat was much admired at the time for being the height of fashion – and it was! I remember it well and I think it was white with an orange or red band. I think she looks lovely and it was a very fashionable period for her.

  7. Has the straw faded or was it always a different color than the scarf part of the hat?

    I don’t like Anne’s hat at all!

  8. I prefer the Queen’s hat in the black and white photo!
    Agree that Princess Anne looks stunning, but her hat band looks a little wrinkled.

  9. I agree that the hat is more interesting in color, and my first thought was that Anne looked beautiful. She was more into fashion at the time, and even though she is more into recycling these days, she remains a favorite because of her forthright and bracing honesty. 😊

  10. This is one case when colour photography really makes a difference! It certainly is a busy hat. Anne looks stunning, doesn’t she! Her hat is very much of the times.

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