Princess Mary At Glostrop Festival

Crown Princess Mary was in Glostrup on Saturday to take part in festivities celebrating the city’s 850th anniversary. For the occasion, she reached into the depths of her millinery closet for a cream straw fascinator that has not been worn in over a decade.

Crown Princess Mary, August 27, 2016 | Royal Hats

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The fascinator features a multi-looped straw bow surrounded by arrow trimmed feathers. The styling of this piece- tucked into Mary’s chignon and paired with a lace frock- was very well done, minimising its slightly outdated style and creating an ensemble that felt fresh and festive.  I think Mary’s strength is her styling (or stylist!) and this headpiece certainly benefited from it.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mary, August 27, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn:  April 27, 2010; May 12, 2005

I love seeing older pieces of millinery recycled in ways that bring them into current fashion and I think Mary’s ensemble on Saturday was elevated by this headpiece. We don’t often see this style of fascinator any more – what do you think of it on this outing?

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21 thoughts on “Princess Mary At Glostrop Festival

  1. Mary is always meticulous with her fashion style, very crisp and modern. Love this outfit, fascinator or rather headpiece and all!

  2. Well I’m taking the outlier position, and declaring this entire look a miss.
    The fascinator is lovely in itself, and I like the placement — but it seems to me like an afterthought. Much as I adore the lacy fabric of the suit, it’s not dressy enough to work with this fascinator. The textures of the two don’t relate, and the colour mismatch is just irritating (I suppose the fascinator was picked to go with the “nude” shoes and beige clutch).
    It also doesn’t help that the bun hairstyle looks severe when worn without reasonably-sized pendant earrings, and with this style of neckline; And the boxy shapeless jacket is so unflattering to Mary’s terrific figure! what I would really like to see is this fascinator with a different ensemble altogether.

  3. I also don’t usually like a fascinator, they always seem to be perched on the head defying gravity, but this is pretty. It strikes me more as a fancy bow they way it is tucked into the chignon. I would have liked to seen a picture of how Mary wore it ten years previously. While I agree this dress would also look great with a picture hat (my personal favorite) overall this makes for a lovely outfit!

  4. I’m not the biggest fan of fascinators (cocktails, perchers, and wide brimmed portraits are my thing!), but they certainly can be done well and are very appropriate for occasions when a full hat may be overwhelming (like evening events); this is one of those times. Mary looks absolutely fantastic! Her hair, the fascinator, her outfit, are all perfectly elegant, yet subdued.

  5. Agreed that the styling is better than in 2005, and the pairing with this dress is pretty. But I’d vote for a picture hat with that dress, especially in full sun!

  6. Absolutely charming! Princess Mary is building an enviable and inspiring legacy of style, taste and appropriateness. She knows how to wear a chapeau! Mary, Catherine and Letizia make a gorgeous trio of lovely role models. Of course, that’s not to exclude other beautiful royal ladies whom we admire and enjoy watching!

  7. I love it and it definitely looks more modern here tucked into a chignon than it did at her last wearing of it. In that picture from 2005 she has it placed directly above a ponytail which makes it look very elementary-school to me. I think it’s great here though.

  8. I think this is a fresh and lovely way to wear a fascinator, whether new or old. I often find fascinator placements odd–perched on the side of the head is the usual spot, but to me it can look a bit off. Tucking it into a chignon is a perfect re-invention of a very pretty piece of millinery. A full-on hat might have been too much for this event. Well done, Mary!

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