British Royals Attend Braemar Gathering

Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Princess Royal all braved stormy weather in Scotland today to attend the annual Braemar Gathering at Royal Deeside. The only one in her family to wear a hat, the Queen repeated a lavender purple design we’ve seen hear wear many times before.

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The tall crown on this piece follows an hourglass shape and carries the hat’s only embellishment- rows of diagonally placed pin tucks- echoed from the Queen’s coat. The shape of this hat has always been too exaggerated for my taste but I must admit, it creates a very unified ensemble in combination with the coat. The colour also works very well for an outdoor event in the Scottish Highlands.

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Have your opinions of this hat changed at all after seeing it again today?
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19 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Braemar Gathering

  1. I love the colour of this outfit, and I really like the design too – the pintucks on both coat and hat are a very subtle embellishment. And in view of that simplicity, I think the hat shape is fine, it’s the thing that makes the hat interesting and Queenish.

  2. I think Her Majesty look lovely and appropriate, and she is wearing her best accoutrement, her smile. She always looks happy in Scotland.

    • Efrompdx, I agree with you whole-heartedly; HM’s smile says it all! The second picture is wonderful, and I’m glad to see no plaster on her leg now. From the third picture, it appears that Philip must have had a VERY funny story to share! Personally, I like seeing repeats in ensembles. I wear 20 year old sport coats, and still receive compliments.

  3. I love this shade of purple on the Queen, but I think the pin-tucking is overdone. I don’t like the hat’s shape at all or any of the Queen’s hats that follow this hourglass shape. I think it is high time to retire this hat and outfit.

  4. I’m with Edie, liking the colour and the pin tucks, but not the hat shape.
    Perhaps the next time I go “home” to England, I’ll have to high tail it to the Windsor consignment shop and see if any of HM’s “retired” outfits are on offer!

  5. While not my favorite ensemble for HM, I seem to like it better than many other people. My issue is this color seems much too spring-like for this event and seems to be at odds with the tartan and darker colors everyone else is wearing.

    I think this hat and outfit would’ve been a better choice:
    Embed from Getty Images

  6. It is a little Dr Suess for me, but what I love is the DOE has his knife tucked into his knee sock as is the custom when wearing a kilt…..just in case

  7. So close to lovely! the colour is gorgeous on HM; but I find the exaggerated geometry of both dress and hat unflattering to HM’s gentler body shape. Those pintucks are a good example of how an unrelieved field of verticals can actually give an appearance of wideness.
    But with some reworking (the addition of trim around it to break up the severity of the lines), the hat could look terrific.

  8. Like this shade on her – reminds of the shades an ornamental thistle I have around where I live — but as with most – that hat shape is icky — but she is who she is and is going to wear this shape now until she no longer can make public appearances I would imagine!

  9. I’ve always liked the coat (and dress, which has the same pin tucks) as well as the color. The pin tucks in the hat do go perfectly with the dress. The hat is an exaggerated mad hatter shape, but with the relative simplicity of the coat, I think the whole outfit works well. Nonetheless, it’s time for (the outfit’s) retirement.

    • That’s two calls for this hat’s retirement. This is at least the 7th time the Queen has worn this outfit in public (she’s worn the dress a few more times for indoor events at the palace) and I suspect she has worn it a few times in private. So, how many wears do you think she should get out of an outfit before it’s retired?

      While most of us can easily embrace the #30wears approach to our own dressing, I wonder if this is feasible for the royal women who live life in the public eye. And if not, why not? The Queen, Princess Anne, Queen Margrethe and several other royals come close… and others, like Crown Princess Mary, Queen Maxima, and the Duchess of Cambridge who mix and match pieces in their wardrobe, have my growing respect for coming up with new and fresh looks from fashion they already own.

      Of course, I’m a hipocrite as I whine for new hats here all the time! If there were no more new royal hats, I’d be so disappointed.

      I’m not sure there are easy answers here. Curious about what the rest of you think.

      • You’ve made me think HatQueen, what happens to a royal hat when it is “retired”? what has happened to the Queen Mother’s hats? and Princess Margaret’s hats? I hate to think that such unique couture millinery collections might have been broken up or given away.

      • Edit: I know that The Queen’s retired hats are safely held: what I meant was, in the case of other royals such as the Duchess of Wessex, what are they doing with their no-longer-worn hats? and older royals such as Princess Alexandra? do hats with provenance go on the luxury market? do the designers take/buy them back? are they donated to museum collections… does anyone know?

        • I was on a tour of Windsor Castle years ago and when the conversation turned to royal wardrobe, I asked the same question about the Queen. The answer I received was this: The Royal Collection decides what pieces to keep (anything deemed to have historical value). Other pieces are altered so that they are not the same as when The Queen publicly wore them and taken to a consignment shop in Windsor where they are sold. I don’t know if this is true but a fellow royal blogger who follows Crown Princess Mary’s wardrobe has documented numerous pieces from Mary’s wardrobe as they have surfaced in a higher end Copenhagen consignment shop. I honestly don’t know if this practice applies to the hats.

      • The Queen has so many outfits, that have been worn just two or three times — and so many others that seem to go on and on and on. I’m sure that she unexpectedly finds some outfits just more comfortable or more flattering. Some fabrics don’t bend or stretch as well as expected, and certain patterns are just a little too tight or too loose, even after modifications. I maintain that so many of the outfits that are redesigns for the Queen are worn once only after the redesign (and then jettisoned?), making one think that she’s given the outfit one more chance but it’s failed.
        Nonetheless, I still find it hard to believe that someone in the palace actually thinks that an outfit can go out to pasture at a consignment shop.
        Since a few of the Queen’s most recent new outfits currently are on display at one of the palaces, it will be interesting to see whether any of these (the fluorescent green or scalloped yellow for the birthday celebration, for instance) are returned to regular rotation or whether they’ve already achieved iconic status and never will be seen in public again.

  10. This outfit is a very nice colour but the hat is not flattering. Rather ugly shape. She’s worn it alot so time to retire it now.

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