Day 2 & 3 of Danish Late Summer Cruise

Queen Margrethe continued her visit to Odsherred Municipality yesterday with stops at several museums and a converted fish market. She repeated her versatile natural straw hat, opting to place the turned down brim to the back and adding a hatband in the same plaid as her skirt. It’s a prim ensemble (very reminiscent of a school uniform) that ,I suppose, works for a cruise thanks to the nautical colour scheme.

Queen Margrethe, September 6, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe, September 6, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe, September 6, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: October 24, 2014September 9 and 10, 2014; July 3, 2014; September 10, 2014; September 1, 2014June 20, 2014; April 28, 2013September 3, 2013August 29, 2013;  June 4, 2013; August 30, 2013September 5, 2012 June 9, 2011

Nautical hues continued today for stops in Favrskov Municipality with Queen Margrethe in a much repeated red straw hat. I don’t recall seeing it paired before with this navy dress and red jacket- the more streamlined pieces worked very well together and provided a wonderful backdrop for this hat (dare I say, giving it a new lease on life?). When it comes to Queenly nautical chic, this ensemble gets my vote.

Queen Margrethe, September 7, 2016 | Royal Hats

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Margrethe, September 7, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 5, 2016; September 5, 2014September 3, 2014July 21, 2014September 5, 2013June 7, 2013September 3, 2012;  May 25, 2011June 7, 2011November 6, 2009July 23, 2009

What are your thoughts on these two nautically hued straw hats?

Photos from Liselotte Sabroe/Scanpix and Henning Bagger/Scanpix via The Danish Monarchy and Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Day 2 & 3 of Danish Late Summer Cruise

  1. I think both outfits, and both hats, are perfect for the occasions. Very jaunty, very summery, very nautical. I absolutely love that Her Majesty re-wears her hats forever!

  2. HQ, the red hat in the first date (June 2, 2009) surely looks different to me. What do you think?
    The Danish queen has such a warm, friendly way about her!

  3. The second outfit is one of Margrethe’s best ever. It looks great.

    Can you do a post on all the outfits she has worn with this red hat? I’d love to see them all side by side.

  4. The versatile hat is versatile indeed! She should try to wear it inside-out. I don’t like the ribbon. It looks like a left-over from the skirt material. The red hat is great, but the whole look is not so summary. But perhaps the weather in Denmark is not the same as here in the Netherlands at the moment.

  5. For being matchy, the plaid ensemble is better than many of her matching hats and outfits, but I think this is because the pattern is not as harsh. A much loved hat for sure.

    The red one, also much loved, definitely gets a new lease on life with this outfit! It’s refreshing to see her in something more color-blocked and with less pattern (I didn’t realize until recently just how much Margrethe loves patterns in her clothes).

    But I do agree with Jimbo that I think it’s time for a couple new spring/summer hats for Margrethe!

  6. The domed top of the straw hat somehow gives the appearance of being too big for Margrethe’s head – the roundness makes her face look disproportionately narrow and flat. I vote retire it.
    On the other hand, the sharper lines, lifted brim and rakish angles of the red hat set off Margrethe’s angular features much better. I think it’s a terrific choice.

  7. I’m all for recycling, so it must come naturally from my 1/4 Danish roots! HM looks fantastic in the red hat, worn for the 13th time(!) Personally, for my eyes, it’s too much block red and navy, with no relief in sight. The plaid hat, in its 15th outing, is nothing special anymore. Put “new summer hat” on your Christmas wish list.

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