Christening of Prince Alexander of Sweden

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden brought their young son, Prince Alexander, to Drottningholm Palace Church today to be christened.

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Princess Sofia topped her white lace Ida Sjöstedt suit  with a simple headband of three rows of faux pearls criss-crossed with gold beads. The pairing of pearls and white lace reads as very bridal (perhaps an intended reference as the suit’s designer also made Sofia’s wedding dress last year) and I think a small percher or calot hat in natural straw with a multi looped bow or feather trim would have gone a long way to de-wedding this look.

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Designer: Yunotme
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

The star of this event was clearly young Prince Alexander, who seemed less interested in millinery than he did chewing on his newly acquired order, holding his grandpa’s finger and chattering away to his cousin Oscar. Adorable.

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10 thoughts on “Christening of Prince Alexander of Sweden

  1. I like the headband more than I like the fussy lace suit. It’s ageing.

    Put the lace jacket with a solid color skirt and a hat in the same color and you’ve got a big improvement.

  2. This is a gorgeous family, and Sofia looks wonderful. As a hat person, I’m disappointed this is only a fancy headband, although it suits Sofia very well. Hoping we can get her into an actual hat sometime in the near future!

  3. Unfortunately, I feel that the pearls compete with the heavy lace for attention, and also appear yellowed in their setting when contrasted with the fresh clean white of the dress. Anyway, I expect to see fancy headbands on the littlies, not the adults. Like you HatQueen, I’d rather see a hat – perhaps something like this:

  4. I liked Sofia’s headband it seemed a play on a tiara in my mind and her hair is styled very prettily. The dress is lovely though it reminds me of Victoria’s at Oscar’s christening. I suppose Sophia and Victoria wanted to have a dress that coordinated with the christening gown but I preferred Madeline’s choice for her son’s christening when she did not wear white. Also, to add Prince Carl looked dashing in his uniform.

  5. The outfit and the princess are lovely, but it does read bridal. A hat would have been a better choice than a headband. The little cousins look so much alike, they could be twins. It’s a wonderful picture!

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