Princess Alexandra Opens Hospital Wing

Princess Alexandra opened the New Victoria Foundation Wing and the Charles Hutton Day Unit at the New Victoria Hospital yesterday (interestingly, 30 years after she opened the Alexandra Ward at the same hospital!). For this event, she wore a mushroom grey hat with straight sided, dome crown trimmed with a wide hatband in the same charcoal dotted print as her skirt. While I wish the crown on this design was a little lower (and the hat band was either flat or much more ruched), I do like the chic grey and pink colour scheme of her ensemble.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: uncertain- I think it might be new
Do any of you remember seeing this hat on Princess Alexandra before?
Photos from Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “Princess Alexandra Opens Hospital Wing

  1. Not my favorite hat for Alexandra, but this is a nice simple one that works well for working occasions such as this. I’m also glad to see her in a hat without netting around the base of the crown for once, just for something different.

  2. I like this hat though I do wish we could see a full length photo so we could see how the print of her skirt matches with the hat band. Princess Alexandra is such a lovely elegant lady!!!

  3. Beautiful colors, but the hat seems to belong to another and larger lady. (It looks as if it had had thoughts of turning into a pith helmet.) Never mind–the princess looks lovely any way.

  4. Princess Alexandra is channeling Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Julia’s polka dot dress and hatband was brown and white, and she didn’t have a jacket.

  5. I really like this hat but wonder since she is a small lady with a delicate face if the hat would look more flattering if the crown were flat. I placed my thumb across the top of the hat covering the pouffie part of the crown and it looks very nice indeed. Overall it is a very smart outfit. I love grey.

    • I followed your lead and placed my thumb across the rounded crown. You are correct. It is more flattering that way. Love the colour combo, though and Princess Alexandra looks as lovely as ever.

      • I agree with you commenters above and Hatqueen — a flat crown would be more flattering, I also think that a slight assymetrical upcurve in the brim would be nice.
        I LOVE the combination of the nubbly textured coral jacket, the bone felt(?) hat and the grey dotted silk fabric. Unexpected and totally gorgeous, on one of my favourite royals.

        • It IS a great mix of textures in one ensemble, isn’t it? Felt hats can sometimes fall flat and I suspect this one is saved from such a fate thanks to the mix of texture and hit of pink in this outfit.

    • OK- I joined the ‘thumb over dome’ test and you’re all right- it’s a vast improvement that also makes the gentle shape of the brim stand out. It also puts the hat into a beautiful proportion for Alexandra.

  6. What an elegant look for such a lovely lady! I, too, love the grey/pink combination.
    The 30 year old picture shows her in a dotted ensemble, also!

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