Queen Elizabeth Visits Rebuilding in Ballater

Queen Elizabeth was in the Aberdeenshire village of Ballater today to view rebuilding efforts following extensive flooding damage caused during last year’s Storm Frank. To meet with the the local butcher, craft shop, book store, architects’ office, and numerous residents whose homes were flooded, she repeated a vibrant blue straw hat. I have always liked the textural quality of the patterned straw used for this design (see it better during its last outing here) but have quibbles about the crown shape and bow trim. In the end, it’s simply not my favourite of the many blue hats in Her Majesty’s wardrobe.

Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: March 13, 2015; March 5, 2014October 11, 2011; May 11, 2010; March 8, 2010; November 28, 2008
I’m not sure I have much new to say about this much worn hat. Thoughts, anyone?
Photos from Press Association via The British Royal Family as indicated

15 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits Rebuilding in Ballater

  1. One has to wonder, given other hats that have been remodeled for far less egregious offenses than the bow on this one, how it hasn’t been redone at some point over the many years of wearings.
    It wouldn’t fix the proportion problems of the hat shape, but with different decoration, it could look significantly better than it does.
    Perhaps there is a sentimental reason that we all are not privy to, but it’s difficult to defend otherwise. This must be one of the oldest hats in the current rotation.
    Unfortunately, the coat (as others have noted) is also frumpy and shapeless, but at least appears warm, perhaps that is what allows it to live for yet another wearing.
    Regardless of this rather tired ensemble, HM does look delighted to be back on the job, and with that smile she could make a burlap sack look good.
    We’re glad to have you back Ma’am.
    Sign MrFitzroy up with the rest of the chorus, to retire this one. Soon. Please.

  2. The color is the only thing I like about this hat and ensemble. HM is obviously a fan, but it seems pretty unanimous this is a disliked hat and I agree it is time for it to retire to the archives.

  3. Do remember, after all, that the Queen currently is reduced to wearing whatever (prettier, more interesting) clothing is not on display at one of the castles/palaces around Britain. I can’t think of any other reason this outfit would have been selected for a public outing in 2016. It’s been “replaced” numerous times by similarly colored outfits. The coat looks like a blanket, and the hat never has been helped by that bow. Leave this outfit in Scotland!

    • Snug Harbor, that is very generous reasoning, but many of those outfits on display are not in her current rotation. I’d guess she still has an ample selection.

      I’m voting to retire this one, too, although it’s great to see Her Majesty back on the job!

  4. I think it’s unanimous – we don’t like this hat. The crown and the bow are unflattering, and I have to agree with hats on that this one is aging.

  5. I agree with all about the bow and the crown.This hat could look amazing with right trim to soften the lines of the crown, ideally in another colour e.g. silver-grey or black. This blue is a fabulous shade on HM, but it definitely needs some contrast to lift it.
    BTW, we don’t often see an ill-fitting coat on HM, but this one is clearly a size too large! So much unnecessary blanket-like bulk and volume in the back and the sleeves… and where we get a view of the front, we can see that the coat always slips to the left. In every wearing, the coat will not sit square on her neck, and has slid off her left shoulder – almost as if the weight of the brooch has dragged it sideways. And we can see that when the brooch is pinned to the lapel, as in today’s styling, it causes the lapel to pucker. There are ways to solve this. No points, Palace Wardrobe Department, no points.

  6. Not a fan of this hat. My goodness it is unattractive. That bow is amateurish at best. Perhaps re-trimming the hat in something brighter would redeem it. In the meantime, I like the hat on the lady in red in the background in the third row picture much better.

  7. it is weird if I say this hat makes her look old? the bow is not very creative and the color too dark, the shape a bit odd on top, she sparkles in lighter colors and creative hats.

  8. From its first wearing I have never liked this hat; the crown is so big and the bow so small and twee. It’s just not very nice in my eyes, but HM obviously likes it as it is kne of her note oft worn hats. Time for a retirement though now I think…

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