Princess Eugenie Supports End of Slavery

On Wednesday, Princess Eugenie joined Prime Minister Theresa May at a Westminster Abbey service to commemorate the work of William Wilberforce and mark the United Kingdom’s commitment to combat modern slavery. For this event, she wore a new pillbox with braided sides in vibrant blue velour felt. It is a great colour on the young princess- one that gave a great pop of colour to her black and white ensemble- and I adore the use of the braided detail on the sides of the hat to give it some visual interest. Hats for such solemn events can be tricky but this one hits just the right balance of current style and respectful decorum.

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Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the “Pleated Pillbox” design from AW 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new
What do you think of this punchy new pillbox?
Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Princess Eugenie Supports End of Slavery

  1. This hat is very nice. The dress is basically a conservative black dress with a nod to the current trends of color blocks and asymmetrical hems. A typical bright accent to a black and white outfit is red. By picking bright blue for her accessories, Princess Eugenie introduced a note of something unexpected. The braid on the pillbox also elevates it from the plain, black pillbox which would have been so boring. So with these two elements (white assymetrical hem and blue braided hat) the Princess went just one step past traditional conservative dressing, which was far enough for the occasion, while quite appropriate for her age. Several young Queens take a lot more fashion risks than our beloved British royals, so it is nice to see one of the latter step out with a bit of panache.

  2. This is a charming hat on the princess, MrFitzroy hopes she will continue this lovely classic hat phase of her millinery style evolution, and that we have left the whacky fascinators and over-the-top cocktail hats in the past.
    (Well, mostly in the past — they wouldn’t be ‘Our little Yorkie Princesses’ without the occasional outing of an ‘OMG, what was she thinking’ piece.)
    The dress is interesting, and probably much more striking and appropriate in person than it appears in the photos….but certainly no quarrels with the hat!

  3. I like the hat but not with the dress. If the dress had a been basic black, with a straight hem or a bit of the same blue in the hat I think it would have worked better. I didn’t like the funky hemline for this somber occasion, it gave the dress a party vibe.

  4. I love the dress, it’s appropriate but still fashion forward. The hat I find okay, it’s a bit plonked, and I don’t quite get the link to the dress, but I don’t hate it…

    All in all she looks appropriate, and quite funky.

  5. The hat, shoes, and clutch are all fabulous! Cobalt blue is a great color on Eugenie, and the stud detailing on those pumps is great! I’m not 100% sold on the dress in these photos however; I like the white hem, but the way it all hangs seems a bit haphazard. Overall though a great outing!

  6. I like the whole look. It’s edgy without being ridiculous. Youthful without being flippant. William Wilberforce was a remarkable person and deserves to be honoured in this way. Well done Eugenie!

  7. I love the color and design of the hat; simple, but because of the intensity of the color and the presence of the braid, not dull. On the whole, I thought the princess’s ensemble was flattering and very suitable to the occasion. (I liked the skirt better from the front than from the side–especially from the opposite side, where it was hard to make out how the drape fit into the total design.)

  8. This is a really pretty and flattering hat, both in terms of color and placement. It looks refined, stylish, and youthful – no small feat!

  9. I’m sort of ho hum on the skirt of the dress but very much like the hat and the overall look. And I must say, HRH Eugenie has grown into a very lovely and respectable young woman.

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