Queen Elizabeth Enjoys Day At Races

Judging by the expressions captured by photographers, Queen Elizabeth spent a delightful day at the QIPCO British Champions Day racing meet at Ascot Racecourse.

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She repeated a grey felt hat with red velvet hat band and binding around the upturned brim, trimmed with a mass of slim grey, white and red feathers anchored with a red velvet button. The red trim makes this hat so very cheery and while the feathers are rather haphazard, there’s something charming and whimsical about them that makes me smile.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: February 8, 2015; January 9, 2011; October 28, 2010; December 25, 2008
While this hat would not appear on any of my favourite lists of the Queen’s millinery, I must admit that I was charmed seeing it and its wonderful matching bouclé coat again today. What do you think of this feathered hat?
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25 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Enjoys Day At Races

  1. The Queen’s on a roll with wearing older outfits. Never one of my favorite hats, this former Christmas outfit is colorful. and memorable because it’s different from most others. I like the feathers. Without the profusion of flowers, the hat would appear too gray for the coat. Coordinating hats to multi-colored bouclé fabric when not using that fabric itself on the hat is tricky. What I do not like is the fit of the coat: too snug, and the collar (although better this wearing than usual) always looks awkward. I’ve seen a picture of the matching dress, and it has the same red-fabric-covered buttons down the center of the dress.

  2. This is a lot of fun, and HM is clearly having fun, so I will give it a pass. I agree with all the comments regarding the straight on placement of the embellishment. I also prefer the down turned or asymmetrical brims on the other RTM designs shown here, as I think they better suit HM. I, like Baxter, was surprised to learn this is an RTM design. She has designed many of my favorite of HM’s hats in recent years. I can’t say that this makes that group.

  3. I just love that shade of red on the Queen. I don’t like the explosion of feathers and I really really dislike the button.

  4. I have already loved this ensemble and think the whimsy of the feathers is delightful. The Queen seems to agree judging from her bright smiles throughout. The colors are lovely for autumn and the hat complements the tweed colors marvelously! 😉

  5. The designer is Rachel Trevor Morgan. I’ve always hated this hat and assumed it to be another Angela Kelly monstrosity. Last month in another post Snug Harbor provided this link to a section of RTM’s website I had never seen before: http://www.racheltrevormorgan.com/welcome/press/royal I was quite shocked to find this hat there in the next to last pic on page 4! Isn’t it very wrong that after finding out that it’s by RTM I reassessed it and don’t dislike it as much?

    • Thanks, Baxter. The domed, straight-sided crown of this piece is very similar to other Rachel Trevor Morgan designs (see below) so I’m not surprised. I think what sets this apart for me is the red velvet binding on the brim. Not only is a beautiful punch of colour but it’s impeccably done. Like others have mentioned, the feathers and central button placement are my least favourite features of this piece. I didn’t say in the post but I think what also makes this hat work so well is how well it pairs with this coat.

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    • I agree, HatQueen, regarding the white and purple hat. Not only is the crown’s shape similar to other RTM pieces, but the looped trim (and tulle) is also reminiscent of some of her other work.

  6. Another royal red and gray ensemble, although very different from Mathilde’s. HM Isi clearly having fun. This is practically a party hat!

  7. I was wondering if it wouldn’t be better with all feathers swept to one side. Or a little bit less chaotic in general. Now it looks all over the place. And the fact the button is placed so central for me makes it looks like some kind of guards hat.

    Still a nice hat though and a great ensemle.

  8. I’ve always enjoyed this hat on HM! The color combo is great and the feathers are fun! It wouldn’t make my top 10 list, but I still think it’s a keeper, especially for a great working hat for less serious situations like this.

    • Jake, we need to sit down with a pint or two….this hat with its color combination has always been a winning favorite of mine – definitely in my top ten for fall/winter wear! The festive feathers make it happen. Grey can be very blah, but this is wonderful.

  9. I think this is a fun hat on its own, good for less solemn engagements like this. I do wonder whether the trim would be better to one side rather than so central (although actually I like the feathers!). I tend to go for asymmetry myself, but I don’t think this looks bad. And as a whole ensemble, I think the hat and coat are spiffing.

  10. The Queen looks great. The bright red trim, the buttons and the wild feathers, combined with her great smile, make a very cheerful appearance. I was thinking this outfit would be perfect for Christmas Day, and then I noticed (in your thorough and helpful notes) that that was indeed its first sighting.

  11. I think she looks great, and the dolors work really well together. I would change the feathers too, but otherwise, it’s really cute.

  12. It’s rather nice! And the material makes it look more relaxed which work very well on this “personal” day. I would like if the hat was turned just a smidge so the button etc wasn’t front and center but more on the side. But it’s rather nice.

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