Dutch and Belgian Monarchs Open Frankfurt Book Fair

King Willem-Aleander, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde met in Frankfurt today to officially open the Netherlands-Flemish pavilion at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Queen Mathilde repeated a pale grey straw pyramid shaped saucer hat, trimmed only with piping around the edge of the piece. I like the rakish angle she wore the piece and the elegant way it provided a counterpoint to her wildly printed frock. It’s not the most exciting of hats but for this occasion, a more simple design was an excellent choice.
Queen Mathilde, Oct 18, 2016 | Royal Hats  Queen Mathilde, Oct 18, 2016 | Royal Hats

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: August 4, 2014
What do you think of this grey hat in Germany today?
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13 thoughts on “Dutch and Belgian Monarchs Open Frankfurt Book Fair

  1. A simple hat but very elegant. It’s very nice in combination with this dress that has a great print and color combination.

  2. I don’t hate it, and it works with the outfit beautifully, but… It reminds me of a kitchen implement! It’s like a shallow sieve, especially when seen from the back with the light just right (last picture) — almost like we are looking through a fine metal mesh!

  3. Mathilde’s dress is much improved over the previous one she wore with this hat. This hat is sitting farther back on her head this time, which makes it look more gravity-defying, and not in a good way unfortunately. Fix the placement of the hat, and I think it could be a winner.

  4. The elegance of simplicity. As you say, HatQueen, it sets off the print of the dress beautifully. I find the “hovering” a bit disconcerting, though – it gives the impression that it isn’t in contact with her head. an interesting effect, but rather strange!

  5. I am struggling to say anything positive about this hat. To me it looks like a mini version of these austere hats: .http://buddcom.blogspot.com.au/2010/12/buddhist-monks-collect-alms.html
    No doubt the tilt is intended to add dynamic flair to what is otherwise a static piece of minimalist geometry – but it only makes the hat appear precarious, lifted as it is away from Mathilde’s head. What a different story it would be, to see some interesting feathers or flowers etc added beneath that gaping brim.

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