This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

British royal milliner Gina Foster is, sadly, closing up shop. If you hope to scoop up one of her designs, they are on sale and you might want to act quickly.

Royal Hats

The “Royal Wedding Gowns” exhibition opened this week at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. This closeup view of these gowns includes a few surprises, such as the inclusion of the one-shouldered dress worn by Princess Sofia for her wedding reception (below). You can see a great gallery of this exhibition here (Svenskdam)

After living 54 years in exile, the last king of Rwanda died this week. His obituary is an interesting read (Telegraph)

Raine, Countess Spencer also passed away this week. There is a great photo spread of her glamorous life at this article in the Daily Mail.

Prince Albert of Monaco recently purchased his mother’s childhood home (People)

The Danish Royal Court released a charming new stamp

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. HMQ’s blue coat and the silk paisley dress underneath are favorites of mine (I managed to find the same paisley fabric). I believe she wore it first to greet the Irish President in the spring and next to Prince George’s christening in the fall of that year.

  2. Thank you Hat Queen for the interesting round up – but sorry – forget hats – what we need are furry shorts – now they look fun!

  3. Although I have known of many of the incidents mentioned in the interesting obituary on Raine, Countess Spencer, I knew absolutely nothing about the last king of Rwanda. Such interesting articles! Thank you for pointing them out.

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