Queen Elizabeth Visits Newmarket

Queen Elizabeth was in Newmarket yesterday where her calendar of engagements included a visit to the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and unveiling a statue of herself with two horses. For this visit, she repeated a pale pink straw hat with sloped crown and short brim.

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Some of you might remember this hat looked a little different the last time we saw it:

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The overall shape of the hat appears to be unchanged, along with the multi-looped bow trim. The confetti studded net tulle, however, has been removed and replaced with six pale pink arrow trimmed feathers. A pale aqua straw hat band has been added beneath the original pink one for a slim stripe of colour that picks up the coordinating aqua treads in Her Majesty’s bouclé coat- a subtle touch, perhaps, but one that ties the hat and coat together more harmoniously than in the hat’s original version.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: September 28, 2015October 9, 2013
 Millinery renovations such as this happen from time to time with Queen Elizabeth’s hats and beg the question- which version of this design do you prefer? Which one do you think works better with this lovely pink coat?
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28 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits Newmarket

  1. This hat is much improved from its previous outings! While I don’t think the netting itself was a bad idea, the multicolor dots in the netting was just too much. The feathers give this hat a cleaner and more streamlined look, and the addition of the subtle teal detailing is excellent. I still find it a bit odd to see straw hats being trotted out in November, but perhaps the UK is suffering from random days of on and off warm weather like we’ve been having in DC, when no one knows quite how to dress for the weather, so you see everything from shorts to wool coats all in one day!

  2. I agree with JamesB: the hat still photographs a little too pink for the coat most of the time; although with less light, the hat and coat match much better. The pink in the coat much be much stronger when viewed from a few inches away than it appears when mixed from a distance with all the coat’s other colors. The added feathers in the hat tone down the pink, and the turquoise/blue band is an excellent idea. This revision is a marked improvement over the first, feathery pompom version. The coat is so attractive.

  3. I prefer the new version for the contrast between the nubby coat and the crisp trim of the hat. The aqua band adds some dimension to the trim in addition to picking up the color from the coat.

  4. I can’t help wondering….who decides to change a hat? Is it the Queen herself, Angela Kelly, or someone else – does Camilla ring up and say she thinks the tulle is a bit froufrou? Wouldn’t it be fun to know who suggests and implements wardrobe changes? Of course some outfits continue on and on for years exactly the same, except for the brooch.

    • I always wonder this too. I have noticed several times throughout the years, though, that once a hat is remodeled, it’s then only worn one more time. Seems like a lot of effort for marginal results.

    • We know the Queen is not an extravagant individual so I can only imagine that changes are for good reason. I imagine that brims made smaller are done so to make them more comfortable/easier to wear but changing the trim… who knows. If I think about reasons why I might change trim on a hat (damage, giving the hat a refresh, not liking something about the old trim etc.), I can’t imagine Her Majesty’s reasons are all that different.

  5. I love the hat minus the net tulle and I love the pink-and-aqua coat but for me they don’t go well together. The smooth material of the hat with its silky shine calls for an equally smooth dress or coat rather than the tweedy (bouclé?) material of the coat. I prefer that coat with the pink felt hat with the feathery pompom (sorry, I am not very good at hat vocabulary).

  6. MrFitzroy suspects the speckled netting was intended to restate and complement the texture of HM coat in the hat’s original incarnation….but despite MrFitroy’s general endorsement of tulle and netting on hats, the revamped and streamlined design works better with this particular coat, mainly because the coat is so fussy to begin with..
    A further note, while the frosted acidy green ensemble worn the other day seemed defensible for the current time of year, there is no way to view this as anything other than a spring/summer outfit worn in the wrong season. Put it away till Easter time, when it will look fresh and lovely!

    It would be interesting to know whether this remodel was at the behest of HM, or if RTM decided from photos that it could use a bit of revamp and requested the opportunity.
    There is a whole nother Netflix series that could be based just around The Queen’s millinery intrigue!

    PS, Yes, dear HatQueen, most of us do read your posts completely, and very very (very!) much appreciate all of the effort you expend on our behalf!!!!!!!

  7. The coat is lovely, but I find the hat just a bit too pink for it in these pics. I do like the little sneak of blue though, it does bring the colours together well. I think I prefer the winter hat all things considered, and it would have been more season appropriate too.

  8. So much better!!! I’m not a big fan of tulle, so this was an easy on for me. Much more contemporary, streamlined and attractive to my eye. Well done, your Majesty!

  9. I was wondering what was going on when the tulle appeared in the third photo and thought my eyes were deceiving me!! Much better with the tulle off. Lovely boucle coat and the flowers match it perfectly.
    Still a springtime-in-November colour scheme from Her Majesty!

  10. I really like this hat and think it is particularly fetching with the net tulle. Maybe because I am ahem, a mature lady too. Not quite as mature as HM however. It looks good either way to me. Maybe it’s my monitor or the light, but it all looks a bit washed out. Oh, and I just noticed a bit of teal peeking out around the hatband. Hmmm.

    • You’re ahead of me- I already have a post planned for next week about what hat is best with this coat!

      And yes- the bottom coat, while similar, is different (all shades of oyster grey and blue).

      • Sorry, HQ! I didn’t mean to steal your thunder about the coat. BTW, my vote is for the winter wool/pompom hat.
        The shiny straw hat doesn’t work as well, but I DO prefer the new look of it since it was revamped. Have a great weekend!

  11. The trim change makes this a little more up to date and less ‘old lady’ looking – the type of net tule before on it, was really old lady looking to me. Like her turbans of decades ago, this hat shape, I shall always associate with HM – never will be a fav of mine, but I’ve come to accept it from her.

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