Dutch Royals Wrap Up New Zealand State Visit

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima concluded their tour of New Zealand yesterday with a day of engagements in Aukland. Queen Máxima repeated her over oversized navy picture hat for the occasion, pairing it with the same navy lace dress we saw it worn with at its debut earlier this year. This remains a wonderfully dramatic hat, elevated with some subtle detail – lovely folded edge detail around the brim and slim intersecting hat bands – that  Máxima wears well.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: May 20, 2016
One of the day’s events saw the royal couple observe sailing students at Princess Warf and the seaside breeze prompted Queen Máxima to wrap up to stay warm. The hat does not show well with this wrap…do check out this gallery of photos detailing the rest of the day. This leaves me with two questions for you, dearest readers- what did you think of this hat on this last day of this great state visit? Of all the hats we saw Queen Máxima wear in Australia and New Zealand, which one was your favourite?
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16 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Wrap Up New Zealand State Visit

  1. Nice to see Máxima out in navy again; she really should wear more blue hats!

    Overall, the black slice was my favorite hat, although the bronze straw slice with that light blue dress was my favorite ensemble. A larger hat just frames Máxima’s face so much more nicely than pillboxes and calots.

  2. I dunno. I think a lot of these looks weren’t good. Best is the turquoise dress and brown hat. Everything else looks frumpy.

  3. The standout for me was the natural straw with the blue flowered dress. I wasn’t too wild about the brimless pillboxesque hat, but overall she looked great. What I love more than any of the hats was her unfailing big smile.

  4. I feel that Her Majesty is best served by large dramatic hats. Small hats tend to be list on her. Like many others, I love her big slice hats because she gets the drama of a big impressive hat with the visibility.

    I think what’s more impressive to me than an individual hat is that she wore a hat every single day. She almost always is beautifully turned out and I love the tone she sets.

  5. The brim just seems a tad overdone, a bit too much of a good thing (like her wrap really, it wasn’t that cold yesterday – the winds were quite warm). The navy hats looks a bit more fab when you can see the pearls she wore with the dress!

    I particularly like her ‘slice’ hats. She looked great in both and the hats and dresses were both really nice combos. Her small hats have been a bit meh.

    But how lovely to have had them both here. Kia kaha, kia ora and haere ra, your majesties. Ma te wa.

    (Stand strong, be well and farewell. Until next time.)

  6. This hat is not my fave. I don’t like how far it falls down when you see it from the side.
    Both slice hats are amazing. It’s her signature style for a reason.

  7. No hat is too big for Queen Maxima, but I am not too thrilled with the floppy aspect of this hat. My favorite of this tour was the black slice hat.

  8. This is a wonderful and dramatic hat that looks good on Maxima. However, it scores low in terms of suitability, as the shape combined with the style mean Maxima isn’t properly visible as she should be on this type of occasion.

  9. This is a wonderfully dramatic hat. Like something in Vogue back in the day or a 50s movie. It has real personality, but it is not my favorite hat. I like her slice hats the best. Those are always so lovely on her and look delightful. As much as I like this hat, I think it just misses.

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