Hat From The Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1983 and a tour of Bangladesh which saw Queen Elizabeth in a lime and white straw safari hat.

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13 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. For such a simple hat — the ensemble, as they say, is a lot of look! That period from the mid 70s well into the 80s were probably one of the most difficult fashion times for HM…She routinely looked well behind the times (bless her royal heart), but the things that were pulled from current trends of the time and incorporated were often rather jarring in juxtaposition. It just served to clash and accentuate, the whole feeling of ‘overdone mishmash’.
    Not always, as she also had a few stellar looks during this period.
    For much of it, however, it appeared they had chosen her outfits from the “cast-off rack” of the Dynasty television program ….and not in any sort of good way.
    HatQueen, anytime you need an open post, asking readers to share their least favorite Queen Elizabeth hats could be very interesting!

  2. Not even HM’s radiant smile (below) elevates this green hat from looking like something to do the gardening in. The tired chiffon “scarf as hatband” kills any possibility of elegance. The faint yellowish shadows cast on HM’s face by that particular shade of lime green (more pronounced in the pic below) do no favours for her complexion; and as for the dress — with luck I will never view it again.
    But that brown-and-white hat linked by Jimbo – it’s a beauty.

  3. I like this hat but it would look much better with sportswear such as a safari suit instead of the twee gardn party dress Her Maj wore.

  4. The green looks rather appropriate for Bangladesh and its heat and humidity. Wonder if it was ever worn again. I doubt it.
    The brown/white RTM is one of those hats whose brims were shortened. Both hats were worn a lot, partly because the outfit came with a long coat and a short jacket, both of which matched the white in the hat.

  5. Love all these posts today hat queen! For some reason, this one isn’t a fave for me- the combination of the safari hat with the more formal tea-dress looking outfit (complete with diamond bow brooch) is dissonant. Oh well! Fun to see the old looks!

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