Belgian State Visit to The Netherlands

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde arrived in Amsterdam to begin a three-day state visit to the Netherlands. As expected, both Queen Mathilde and Queen Máxima both wore hats, braving the windy weather with large brims.

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Queen Mathilde used the occasion to debut a new design. In grey felt, her hat features a rounded crown and wide brim with gentle side upsweep. The piece is simply trimmed with a double folded silk ribbon hatband with multiple bows at the side. There’s a quirky series of indents on the underside of the brim that I suspect are meant to provide some subtle movement; from a distance, it is a beautiful shape but at close view, this detail unfortunately makes the hat look like it was bounced on several times by some little feet. It’s not a bad hat by any means but I don’t find it spectacular.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Queen Máxima repeated her coffee coloured straw hat with upswept slice brim. This is this hat’s sixth outing this year, giving it top status as Máxima’s most repeated hat in a single year. This design seems to be as popular with us fans as it is with its royal wearer and its pairing today with Máxima’s pale grey ruffled Claes Iverson dress was an unexpected but very good choice. I’m sometimes sceptical of mixing different neutral hues but the coffee trim on the dress’ neckline and belt ties beautifully with the hat.

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What do you think of this pair of Belgian designed, wide-brimmed royal hats today in Brussels?

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18 thoughts on “Belgian State Visit to The Netherlands

  1. Both of these ladies look fantastic. I love the colors, the dresses and the hats and their sizes. Queen Max’s coat is the only quibble I have seems a bit cumbersome. As someone else mentions earlier I think both ladies look even better without their coats.

  2. I love the scale of both these hats, and they also score highly in terms of going well with their respective outfits and suiting the occasion (since these greeting ceremonies are outside and will be viewed from a distance). Very attractive appearances by both, I think.

  3. Both ladies are appropriate and elegant. I don’t mind QMaxima’s coffee straw hat because of the color. It gives it a fall-ish look.

  4. While trying to find a video of the arrival to see if the queens managed a kiss, I came across this which seems to be a robot reading your post, lol.

  5. ha ha love the photo of Alexander trying to kiss Mathilde, I don’t think a hat should have that purpose (getting Kings on their knees), still love the two ladies with the hats

  6. This was overall a great outing for both Queens! Mathilde looked very polished, although I agree the brim could be more refined, but that’s my only complaint. While Máxima also looked wonderful, the choice of sisal straw for the end of November seems a bit absurd, especially since even the Kings are in overcoats. What I would really love to see on Máxima is the fuchsia slice hat from 2012 Prinsjesdag; that hat needs to make a comeback!

    It seems pretty evident just how genuine the friendship between the Dutch and the Belgian monarchs is, and I very much enjoy it!

  7. I like Mathilde’s hat more than you do, Hat Queen. I don’t mind the dents in her hat and I would steal this hat and wear it given the chance. I love her whole outfit, the fabric of the coat and dress is exquisite and every detail of her clothing is perfect. Maxima looks very well also, I just personally don’t like her ensemble as much. I’m thrilled to see these two lovely queens so beautifully dressed in hats and gloves.

    As someone mentioned, the photo of Willem-Alexander trying to kiss Mathilde underneath her hat is FANTASTIC!

  8. The grey color of Mathilde’s hat is striking and looks wonderful with her grey-accented silver ensemble. Maxima’s hat is also beautiful, but I think the coat and dress’ style and colors detract from her overall look.
    Mathilde’s grey felt is more in keeping with the season while Maxima’s straw feels like it too summery for the end of November. Both ladies are beautiful and seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

  9. Both of the queens looked amazing, but I give Mathilde a slight edge. It was a great look for her, and they both did look better without their coats. Even with them, they looked wonderful. I loved Mathilde’s hat. It was a really fabulous look for her.

  10. Both queens look good — without their coats/ capes. The large brimmed hats suit both women. Mathilde’s coat looks rather “stiff”, like a suit of armour, but the dress and hat are elegant. Maxima, likewise,is more appealing without the cape.
    (It seems like just yesterday we were looking at a reciprocal state visit).

  11. It seems clear to me that these royal ladies are in communication in advance of their joint appearances! I think both hats were well-chosen and suit their wearers, who both look especially elegant. My own impression is that royal ladies in general now wear hats that please them, no matter what material they are made of, and regardless of the time of year. We seem to be seeing more straw and flowers and so forth appearing in winter, at any rate, and I myself do not find their appearance displeasing.

  12. These outfits show us how lovely neutrals can be. I like both looks, but do also wonder about the appropriateness of straw in November. Frankly the photo of Willlem Alexander attempting to kiss Mathilde made my day. Was there a similar photo of Phillipe greeting Maxima? And how did the two Queens embrace? It made me remember my daughter’s wedding and the fun I had in the recieving line in my large hat!

  13. I think it’s too late in the year for the beige straw hat Max is wearing – Max needs to retire this one until spring – Love Mathilde’s hat despite the wrinkles – the bow detail is super.

  14. I dislike the dents- they really make the hat look sloppy, but it’s an otherwise lovely piece. I’m especially fond of the rippling trim, it feels very organic yet crisp. Just great. I also really appreciate the dresses both ladies wore- they go so well with the hats and it’s lovely to see them without the outerwear.

  15. I can overlook those dents since Mathilde’s hat is otherwise lovely. The shape frames her face well, and the rippling bow is so different. It sets off the silver dress beautifully. Love the photo of Willem-Alexander ducking under the brim to plant a kiss!

    Maxima’s coffee straw goes nicely with the dress, although not the coat. As much as I love this hat, I’d say this is not its best appearance, and I’m ready for something different.

    How fun to see these royal couples together! They look as though they enjoy each other’s company.

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