British Royals Celebrate Christmas 2016

Members of the British Royal family spent Christmas together this year at Sandringham, the country retreat privately owned by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in Norfolk. While the day included attending Christmas morning service at the Parish church of St. Mary Magdalene, Queen Elizabeth was not present because of a cold. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall stepped in to lead their relations at this event – Camilla repeated her black black felt hat with flyaway raised brim edged in a wide band of grosgrain ribbon. The shape of this design is spectacular on her and its pairing with her blue coat made for a very smart ensemble.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: Nov 13, 2016; Dec 25, 2015
The Countess of Wessex used this occasion to debut a new hat. With a black felt percher base, the cocktail design features a tall lacy brim (almost like a slice brim) in laser cut felt trimmed in distressed crinoline and feathers. The effect, in combination with Sophie’s stunning red and black Azzedine Alaïa dress, is obviously meant to be a high fashion one… and while I applaud her sartorial bravery, the hat its own is a messy bird’s nest.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Lady Louise Windsor wore a headpiece of black feathers, lace roses and net tulle. It’s not often that we have the joy of watching a new royal hat wearer blossom and these headpieces make a wonderful transition into the world of hat wearing for young Louise.
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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new
I’m not sure we could have found three more contrasting hats/headpieces if we had tried! What do you think of these three designs worn for Christmas?
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14 thoughts on “British Royals Celebrate Christmas 2016

  1. I really appreciate Camilla’s whole look, perfect for leading the family out. I absolutely love Sophie’s look too, although I think the hat is less suited to this event, which is not a public one in intent, even though people come to see them. It would be better at a more formal event.

  2. I don’t think Louise’s fascinator did anything for her. She’s much too young to carry it off. And Sophie’s hat–yikes!

  3. I’m glad to see this hat on Camilla again and paired with more color like I asked for, but it’s interesting how she repeated it for the same event 2 years in a row. Still, it’s very beautiful.

    Sophie’s dress looked great, but the hat is a little busy. I wish it was at a less steep angle (more 35 degrees and less 75 degrees) so it didn’t obscure her face so much, and the trim overpowers and covers up the laser-cut detailing.

    I was excited to see Louise in a fascinator in the first photos put out of this event, but there weren’t any close up, so I’m glad to see more details. Not my favorite fascinator ever (although it pairs very well with her coat!), but another great step by her into the world of fantastic millinery!

    • I love the felt cut outs on Sophie’ s hat with the sun shining behind it, but I wish they had left off all the crinoline and feathers.

  4. I’d like to see Sophie’s hat without the trim as the laser-cut brim is stunning. What a beautiful dress! Lady Louise is learning hat-wearing from one of the best.

  5. The Duchess of Cornwall looks great in the black hat and blue coat. Countess of Wessex’s dress is lovely, but– the hat? Lady Louise is growing up so quickly.

  6. I liked the overall look of Sophie’s outfit I just think the hat was over the top in size and position (too far forward on her head). Camilla takes the win for me as to elegant and conservative for a Sunday service and I must say the large style hat she favors looks great on her. Louise looks lovely but I wish we could see how the headwear is attached. Is it a barrette? It doesn’t seem to sit on the head in the style of a hat.

  7. Here’s wishing QE2 all the best for a quick recovery – so unlike her to miss a Christmas service that she must be poorly.

    Camilla looks very smart and I like the less structured coat, it’s very flattering and a nice pairing of coat, hat and footwear.

    It bothers me that Sophie isn’t wearing a coat (thermal underwear?) and I don’t particularly care for her hat at what is a relatively low-key event. Well, I probably don’t care for her hat full-stop! A little large (we can’t see her beautiful face from some angles) and a little exuberant, shall we say?

    Nice one, Louise. (Isn’t it amazing how certain genes just pop out … Edward and Louise = Q Mary; Beatrice = Q Victoria.)

  8. I absolutely love Sophie’s look, it’s so sophisticated and chic. I did wonder if she were chilly, but it wasn’t that cold in the UK this Christmas.

    • I agree…I loved the look, even though it might seem over the top. I don’t think she wore a coat because she accompanied Prince Phillip in the car. She probably didn’t need a bulky jacket for the car trip and wanted her stunning dress to stand out. I think it was gorgeous. 🙂

  9. Oh dear! Miss Sophie’s hat is totally wrong for this occasion especially in my mind. The perch it sits at is disturbing to me on top of the hat being an over-done disaster. She would have looked better in a more tailored hat with a proper coat on for the outing. Cams looks fine – nothing out of the world, but appropriate. I do hope the Queen is soon to recover.

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