Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to a state visit to India fifty-six years ago this month and a young queen in a flower covered bonnet.

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11 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I really really want to like this hat (given that I am so a fan of HM’s flower hats of this era) but the fabric band gives me pause. Without a band, this hat would look as feminine-yet-formal as any of HM’s other flower hats; but the band makes it more casual — to me it looks too much like an 18th-century maid’s cap:-

    Fair enough for a day at the beach (or for golf, as Beachgal points out :)) but I prefer other hats she wore on that tour.
    BTW, that very modern dress was worn later that year In Ghana, with a different hat which I feel coordinates less well. Note the different bag, possibly shorter gloves, and the Cullinan V.

  2. That is a darling hat on the Queen! It looks white and tan on my monitor, matching her dress. Very fun, very exuberant, and it gives her a little extra height.

  3. Thank you for showing this hat. I have always loved HM’s flower covered hats. I particularly love the shape and scale of this one. This may be the best interpretation I have seen of this idea. My screen shows beige but I am hoping this was actually done in pink. I agree with bringing them back if one of today’s milliners is up to the task. I wonder if HM would like to wear this type of hat again. I believe she could carry it off quite well. She does no matter what else they stick on her head! God bless her.

    • Beachgal, a picture is worth a thousand words.
      I hope the Royal guard slept well when he got off duty. I wouldn’t sleep a wink!

  4. MrFitzroy dearly wishes this style of hat were ripe for a revival in HM’s millinery wardrobe….granted it could be dangerous (or even frightful) in the over zealous craft project hands of Ms.Kelly and her rogue glue gun…
    However, it could be done — in a modern and tasteful way, that wouldn’t have to look consciously retro or evoke 1960’s bathing caps……Perhaps Rachel Trevor Morgan could give it a go?….it seems about time to shake up the royal hat wardrobe a notch, and this might be just the ticket. It just needs to be soigné and not twee!!!

  5. She looks beautiful and so young. She was certainly in style for that era. Not sure this flower-covered hat would fit with today’s more sophisticated styles, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on one’s point of view. Still think she looks beautiful in this shade of pink.

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