British Royals Attend Sunday Service

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Sunday service this morning at the church of St Mary the Virgin in Flitcham on the edge of their Sandringham estate. The Queen repeated her royal purple felt homberg style hat trimmed with black velvet oak leaves at the side. The shape remains a rather masculine one for Her Majesty but it works, thanks to its marvellous shade of purple and its great compliment to her Stewart Parvin coat. The comments here often mention overly fussy trimmings on some of the Queen’s hats and this design provides a welcome contrast.

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Designer:  Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Dec 21, 2014Nov 21, 2013May 13, 2013; Feb 3, 2013; Nov 26, 2012; Oct 25, 2012; Nov 11, 2009 

The Queen and Duke were joined by Viscount and Viscountess Linley (who will not assume their new titles of Earl and Countess of Snowdown until after Lord Snowdon’s funeral). Serena wore a wonderful pillbox hat trimmed in rows of pleated silk ribbon. This brilliant use of trim gives such lovely texture to the pillbox (a hat shape that can easily fall a little flat) and paired with Serena’s streamlined wool coat, mades for an elegantly modern ensemble.

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Designer:  Rachel Trevor Morgan design R16W27 from AW 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new
What do you think of this pair of winter hats today in Norfolk?
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14 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Sunday Service

  1. Very nice outfits on both women – stylish, warm and yet appropriate for the circumstances. I love Serena’s pillbox, it’s magic. I would like to see the Queen’s coat with fewer buttons, they sheer number of them is rather distracting. Her hat is a bit ‘meh’ for me, not sure why, but I love this vibrant colour on her.

  2. Still love this purple wonder of HM’s, it’s a classic ensemble though I do still mourn the wonder brim this used to have. Purple is a great choice as a half mourning colour too. Serena’s is lovely too, she does look exhausted, a tough time for them all. Even given the divorce, Snowdon retained find relationships with the royals.

  3. Both ladies are lovely and appropriate here. I do like the Queen’s hat and it combined with the black trimmings that match her coat give her just the right note for her former brother-in-law.

    Serena looks very tired (I can only imagine) and I send my sympathies to her and David on the loss of Lord Snowdon. Her hat is very nice and I like the pleated detail. They elevate the plain pillbox into something quite lovely.

  4. I like the size and shape of the Queen’s hat. The leaves are too rumpled looking and indistinct for me. I might try a wide black band instead, maybe with the two gold buttons taken off the pockets of her coat, if that isn’t too much or too matchy. It is sometimes nice to have a textural contrast, as you’ve pointed out with Serena’s hat.

  5. I think that Serena is wearing very sheer tights (hose) it was too cold in the UK at the weekend not to! Her Majesty is looking fantastic after her recent illness and the purple is just perfect and respectful for Lord Snowdon.

  6. Serena wears “vintage styled hats” well. My opinion is that she is wearing sheer hose. I also like the Queen’s purple semi-mourning. As always, her taste is impeccable, as far as wearing the appropriate colour is concerned, but I agree the coat is just a bit too Sgt. Pepper. These certainly are sad days for Her Majesty with one old friend after another passing away. Her dignity is an inspiration,

  7. I love the Queen’s choice of purple. Black would have been too much since Lord Snowdon and Pcss M were divorced, but the purple still pays respect to her niece and nephew. Love the color and hat, but I agree with just about everyone about the plethora of brass buttons. I don’t know if Serena’s legs are bare or not, but that above the knee skirt definitely makes her look cold. Another nice hat.

  8. While the hat may not have overly fussy trimmings, the coat continues to. Even though two brass buttons were removed at the time the hat brim was narrowed, fewer coat buttons yet wouldn’t be bad, particularly those two on the pocket flaps.
    In darker lighting, such as in the first picture, the purple in the hat is redder than the purple in the coat. At least today the Queen is carrying the black umbrella instead of the purple umbrella, which has added a third shade of purple to the outfit.

    • I think the colour variation you mention is not a mismatch but instead a difference of how light bounces off the felt of the hat, which has a much higher sheen than the wool of the coat. Since Rachel Trevor Morgan is given fabric samples of outfits she is making a hat for and hand dyes the felt to match, I am confident the hat and coat are a much better match than sometimes they show in photographs. Every time I hear from someone who has seen the Queen in person, they ALWAYS comment how perfectly her hat coordinates with her ensemble.

  9. What a marvelous color on the queen! The hat may be a little masculine, but the color softens it, even though it’s intense. (My only reservation is actually the large number of buttons on her coat, but she looks absolutely splendid.) Viscountess Linley looked lovely; her hat lends interest to a streamlined ensemble.

  10. While we rarely see HM in a fedora-style hat, I’ve always liked this one; I think the color in particular helps make this a successful hat. When it first premiered, this hat had a wider brim, which I miss since nowadays most of her hats have a brim width similar to this one, and almost never anything larger. Very glad to see her out and about and smiling again.

    Serena’s pillbox ruffles makes it look vintage to me, but almost too vintage (the ruffles seem specific to the 40s/50s). Overall though she looked nice (especially in the aftermath of her father-in-law’s death), although her bare legs make me a bit chilled, so I wonder how she felt!

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