In the Design

Royal Hats The late Alexander Conley III was a fixture in Seattle millinery until his death in 2014. This glimpse into his life and craft (complete with demonstration of a conformateur) is wonderful.

5 thoughts on “In the Design

  1. This sent me down a long and deep rabbit hole! Mr. Conley was truly a skilled craftsman, the likes of which we seldom see today. While we are in awe of his painstaking attention to detail, he was very matter of fact about it: “This is just how it is supposed to be done.”

    I was also fascinated to learn about the conformateur…originally made to aid in phrenology, even though it looks more like a torture device!

    Thank you for these glimpses into artistry!

  2. Thank you for this interesting post and a glimpse into Mr. Conely’s life. What a craftsman! Does anyone know if he passed his craft on?

  3. That was fantastic – thanks for posting. Not only did I learn what a conformateur is (what an interesting contraption) but there was also wonderful warmth and wisdom!

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