Sunday Church For Queen And Duke

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were photographed this morning en route to and from St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk, where they attended Sunday service. The Queen repeated her red felt hat with moulded, semi Pork Pie indented crown trimmed with silk roses and a beaded, double figure eight bow. It’s days short of a year since we last saw Her majesty in a red ensemble, a colour she wears so very well.

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Here is a much better view of this hat, taken at its last outing in 2015:

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Today’s trip to church marks the thirteenth public outing for this hat, making it one of Her Majesty’s most worn pieces in current rotation. While she clearly likes it, what do you think?
Update: The Princess Royal, Vice Admiral Laurence and Lady Brabourne also attended church. Princess Anne repeated her dark green hourglass hat worn numerous times before while Lady Brabourne wore a smart brown and cream striped pillbox with velvet bow at the back.
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21 thoughts on “Sunday Church For Queen And Duke

  1. All very interesting but Penny Brabourne is NOT Lady Penelope. She is not a Lady by birth, she married Lord Brabourne, so takes his title. Call her Lady Brabourne by all means, but not Lady Penelope please. Thanks.

  2. I’ll chime in with another yes vote for this outfit and hat. Red is an outstanding color for the Queen. My only quibble with the hat is that the bulge on the top seems to be lopsided, but that might just be the angle of the photographs.

  3. HM looks really good in this red. She needs more of this red in her wardrobe. Love the trimings but I do wonder if the hat would look better if the silk flowers are removed?

  4. Red is one of HM’s best colors, followed closely by blue, pink, yellow, purple, green, cream, orange, black, even last week’s beige.
    (Get the point? She looks great ALL THE TIME!)
    I never thought this coat laid very well in the front – the lining seems to show in places.
    As for her wardrobe thriftiness, considering the literally THOUSANDS of hats she has worn in 63 years,
    I find “thrifty” a curious term, but I’m NOT complaining – I lOVE it!
    ANNE is thrifty, as royals go, IMO. PHILIP seems thrifty also, always very tweedy at Sandringham!
    I have grown to really appreciate the country gentleman look of checks/plaid/stripes/tweed.

  5. I love the hat and it looks great on HM. She suits red! I really like the cute tiny red diamantes too…Nice Little bit of sparkle😁

  6. Can’t believe it’s been so long since we’ve seen this hat! This is my favorite red hat for HM, and I’m glad to see it and HM back out again and both looking well.

    • Concerning the update of Anne and Penny:

      I’m glad to see Anne out in green again, a color we don’t often see for hats, especially in royal circles; although the shape of this particular hat is a little dated, Anne wears it well and somehow keeps it from looking too dated. It’s interesting to see Penny Brabourne is such a small hat; a quick Google image search brought me only one other pillbox, but otherwise she has long favored wider brimmed hats. Honestly, this pillbox doesn’t look bad on her, but I think she looks much better in the larger hats.

  7. I always find it amusing when I see an article that states with great authority that the Queen never wears an outfit more than once. While she does, in fact, have a few outfits that are not repeated (in public), the vast majority are worn for a decade. Today’s red is a perfect example of an outfit that lasts and lasts. The hat is particularly beautiful.

    • I agree – I get wound up by that too. My (totally unscientific) theory is that thicker winter outfits do tend to get a lot more wear, whereas summer ones are often much less frequently worn. I guess she needs more new outfits in summer as there are always a lot more engagements though. And perhaps because the winter outfits are of more expensive outfits. But nonetheless her winter coats do seem to be much more repeated and for many more years.

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