This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Numerous Imperial black hats yesterday at  the memorial service to commemorate the 100 days anniversary of the death of late Prince Takahito (Imperial Family of Japan)

King Carl Gustaf donned his trusty fedora during a visit to Lund last weekend (PPE)

King Carl Gustaf, Jan 28, 2017 | Royal Hats

More ethereal headdresses (see here, herehere, here and here) from Stephen Jones at the Dior show in Paris

Some excellent millinery options for upcoming winter races- this straw hat with silk blooms and feathers from Jess Collett and this leather percher with handmade leather flowers from Bundle MacLaren

Sheikha Moza shared this throwback photo from an education conference in Paris in 2012. Her teal velvet turban is fabulous… as is this small section of the speech she delivered then. (Moza bint Nasser)

Royal Hats

The Belgian King had some strong words to say about recent political developments in the UK and USA (Wort)

Another pair of beautiful new photos released by The Swedish Royal Court of Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. So sweet.

H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria med familj. H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria / HRH Crown Princess Victoria / H.K.H. Prins Daniel / HRH Prince Daniel / H.K.H. Prinsessan Estelle / HRH Princess Estelle / H.K.H. Prins Oscar / HRH Prince Oscar

H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victorias barn: Prinsessan Estelle, och Prins Oscar H.K.H. Prinsessan Estelle / HRH Princess Estelle; H.K.H. Prins Oscar / HRH Prince Oscar

In honor of his son’s first birthday tomorrow, proud papa King Jigme shared this adorable snap

13 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Sheikha Mozah looks fabulous in that color!

    The Gyalsey is just adorable!

    I noticed, from the original funeral photos, that the veils are shoulder-length, and now, 100 days later, they are just at eye-length. Interesting.

    I like both of the hats for the winter races. I could see the leather percher on our edgy Zara Tindall.

  2. Princess Hisako wore a hat to Tokyo’s Tableware Festival in late January.

  3. And now it has come to adding political commentary, by a royal, that is critical of the United States and the United Kingdom. Good-bye Royal Hats.

    • It’s my choice what news to share on these extra posts. It’s not often that a European monarch makes such specific comments about the politics of other countries – I felt that King Philippe’s comments were newsworthy and shared them as such. I stand by that decision and respect yours not to return here as well.

      • The comments are VERY newsworthy. We should be debating if Kings and Queens should be publicly saying such things instead of if HatQueen should be sharing them with us!

      • I didn’t hear about King Philippe’s comments so thanks for sharing them. I admire Queen Elizabeth who stays so neutral about politics but even last year during the Brexit vote she let slip. It’s probably better for Kings and Queens to stay neutral about politics but when they realy feel something is going to hurt their country they have a right to speak up.

        • Thanks, everyone. I do understand that many people use blogs such as Royal Hats as an escape and don’t want to talk about politics. Rest assured- the content will not stray far from the focus here which ALWAYS will be royal hats!

  4. The Bundle MacLaren percher is stunning, but leather seems an odd material.

    I applaud King Phillipe, but I’m surprised. Don’t the Belgian royals, like the British, avoid political commentary?

    Little Gyalsey is a contender for cutest Royal baby ever!

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