Queen Elizabeth Spends St. David’s Day At Lucknow

Queen Elizabeth was in Tidworth today to mark St David’s Day with a visit to The Royal Welsh Regimental Family at Lucknow Barracks. She used the occasion to debut her first new hat of 2017 in orchid purple felt.

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The piece follows the split crown design the Queen’s dresser and couturier, Angela Kelly, has used on several others, along with short cartwheel brim. The hat picks up the cerise in Her Majesty’s diamond tweed coat (and dress) with brim edge binding and a slim hatband in this hue and is finished with a triple looped bow and three purple, grey and cerise pompoms on the side.

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We don’t often see hats worn just with the dresses of the ensemble they are designed to accompany but today, we are lucky to catch this view. The cerise brim binding and hatband is a perfect colour match to the dress, making this hat a striking topper for both the coat and dress. It’s a more streamlined look that we often see with Angela Kelly designed millinery but one that works so well with the split crown shape and the overall balance of the ensemble.

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat and dress by Karl Ludwig
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Interestingly, the split of this crown is on the other side of all the other hats Queen Elizabeth has in this shape (see them here). What do you think of this new hat on Her Majesty today?
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27 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Spends St. David’s Day At Lucknow

  1. As much as I really do like this new ensemble, I found one from October 4th of 2005 which I think I like better. Deeper purple, and beautiful coat.
    Any thoughts?

    Embed from Getty Images

    • I like the saturated colour of this ensemble- the darker shade of purple is really lovely on the Queen. The cloche variation is a shape we’ve seen on her before and it works well but I’d prefer the feather trim more on the side and I’m still not a fan of the box pleats at the bottom of the coat. That’s what dates this outfit for me and makes me think it’s best left in the past. Although… I can’t tell if the box pleats were still there during this outfit’s last outing in Jan 2012– It seems like they might have disappeared.

      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

  2. Lovely colours, but not an exciting outfit, though it’s very well made! I can’t help wondering if this is what we might have seen on Christmas Day, had things been different – I hope not, as I don’t think it’s exciting or ‘festive’ enough!

  3. I’m not a fan of pompoms on anyone over the age of 10 but this is ok. Not great but ok. I absolutely love the color of the coat. I love how the cerise band on the hat matches the dress. I give this a solid B.

  4. I like this a lot. It’s a restrained outfit isn’t it, and uses the two colours really effectively.

    The shame of the split crown looks different to the others, and not just because it’s a mirror image. The split looks a bit lower to me and the moulding is deeper, or perhaps that’s just an illusion. Anyways, this is definitely a success, and I imagine we’ll be seeing it quite a lot, because Her Mai does make her winter wardrobe work a bit harder than her summer one.

  5. This is one of the more — maybe the the most — successful of the split-brim designs, perhaps because the split is more subtle. I wasn’t sure about the pompoms, but they really tie the hat to the beautiful tweed. Lovely color!

  6. My favorite look is the last picture. I think the hat looks particularly good with the dress alone: with the majority of the hat a different color from the dress, the hat’s trim highlights the dress, which is a fantastic color. The hat’s pompoms do an excellent job of matching the coat fabric, though, and the whole outfit is a very typical working outfit. The coat seems a little shapeless and in some picture even appears short, allowing the skirt to peak through.
    I suppose that AK decided to reverse the split crown to the other side since the Queen already has so many of these hats. Her traditional version actually shows off the Queen’s brooch better than today’s version, I think.
    I do wonder whether this was the proposed Christmas 2016 outfit or whether that’s being saved for Christmas 2017. I suppose we’ll never know.

  7. This is an absolutely beautiful color scheme for HM. Seeing the hat with the coat and without the coat gives it a fun contrast visually. And what about that coordinated lipstick?

    What I don’t care for is how asymmetrical this brim is (which makes it seem too unbalanced in my opinion), and I don’t like the pom-poms/Koosh balls! Call my old-fashioned, but I think darker grey small roses or just more loops would’ve been a better choice.

  8. The colour of this hat is fabulous although I am not a fan of the design of the hat…great overall look for Her Majesty.

  9. Outstanding in every respect and detail – especially the transfer of the brooch from coat to dress!
    The color is very regal on HM, and I like it almost as much as some of her royal blues.
    TWO outings this week – remarkable energy and stamina!
    Happy weekend, nice people.

    • The brooch got transferred, and her shoes got changed from the outdoor black to the indoor black. Removing a coat is more complicated for the Queen than for the rest of us.

  10. Love this and great to see it with the dress too! Love the contrast between the bright cerise of the dress and the quieter orchid/cerise combo of the coat.

  11. Now here is the Queen at her very best……she looks so much better in bold colors. Pastels just wash her out.

  12. I like this split crown because that side is not too much higher than the rest. And the pompoms are a fun idea for a winter hat. So along with the pretty color, this hat is a winner for me.

  13. I might be quite wrong, but it does not look like a split crown to me – looking closely at the last two pictures, it really looks as if the shape is moulded. Can I be right?

      • Thank You HatQueen! You are a marvel at keeping up with all the details! Where would we be without your guidance? I mean that most sincerely – I have learnt SO MUCH here.

  14. Love this. The band/binding on the hat matching the dress and the “pom poms” flecked to match the coat. Not immediately special on initial viewing but the detail is excellent.

    • Hmmm… I’m not usually a fan of pompoms but I like these ones. They’re a great size and the trio of colour really ties the hat to the coat. They are also a nice change from the usual bows, blooms and plumes we see all the time.

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