This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Princess Kiko in a simple black bowler variation yesterday to commemorate the Great Tokyo Air Raid (Imperial Family Of Japan)

Princess Hisako in a lace trimmed, tweed pillbox at the March 1 Bio Venture Awards (Imperial Family Of Japan). The lace applique used on her jacket lapels and on the side of the hat is a noteworthy addition.

Princess Hisako, Mar 1, 2017 | Royal Hats

Princess Hisako, Mar 1, 2017 | Royal Hats

The King of Malaysia, Muhammad V of Kelantan, opened Parliament on Monday wearing a Tengkolok Diraja (traditional Malaysian folded silk royal headdress with front brooch).

Fascinating read about a global resurgence in the millinery industry (New York Times)
Jane Taylor shared this sneak peek of some beautiful designs from her upcoming Autumn/Winter 2017 collection (to be available next fall).

Stephen Jones has been sharing designs from his Autumn Winter 2017 collection… the material used for this one made me look twice and this one, in velvet and mink trim with detachable ruby and diamond mini coronet, seems destined to perch atop a royal head.


 Royal Hats

Amidst mounting rumours about Prince Harry’s romance with Meghan Markle, here is an interesting article about eleven other American women who married into royalty (Town & Country)

Interesting article on the new Earl of Snowdon and his family with pictures of his French country estate (Vanity Fair)

New photos released this week of Prince Rahim and Princess Salwa Aga Khan with their sons Prince Irfan and Prince Sinan who was born January 2

And finally, royal photographer Patrick van Katwijk was a great sport this week, putting down his camera to help Princess Margriet on with her skates and assisting Queen Maxima on Dutch National Volunteer Day with some painting. He also captured this image of Princess Beatrix enjoying a spot of powerwashing.

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I love that photo of PBeatrix…you go, Your Highness!

    The Jane Taylor hat with the light pink and black (with black rose) is just gorgeous! I could see that on the Countess of Wessex or PHaya.

  2. I’m not buying the skullcap/tiara combination, but the Stephen Jones film hat is inventive. I hope we see it at Ascot.

    Princess Beatrix doesn’t look like she needed much encouragement to work that power washer! And I’m impressed that Princess Margriet is still skating.

  3. Fun round-up of hats and Royals! Princess Hisako has long been a favorite of mine, and I love the lace trimmed suit and hat. That is how to do lace in the daytime!

    I was fascinated by her brooch and tried to find a better photo, with no luck. It looks like twin paper dolls, which would be very appropriate for an awards ceremony for biological startups! I’d love to learn more, if anyone has any info.

  4. WOW! What a special weekend treat!
    1. totally classic and elegant and typical and GREY Japanese ensemble.
    2. Stephen Jones – so cool on multi levels!
    3. a handsome couple with adorable kids – then . . .
    4. a princess BLASTING away with a pressure washer! This photo makes my day! They ARE human!
    Thanks, HQ, it’s been a great hat week!
    CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS, some of you!

  5. Thank you HatQueen for keeping us informed as always. I wonder how many of the readers of this blog are hat wearers. I have to admit that the only hat I possess is straw hat for sun protection, but I would LOVE to be a stylish hat-wearer. Perhaps we can have a segment one day where readers can send in pics of themselves in their favourite hats?

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