Swedish Royals Remember Winter War

On Monday, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip undertook a joint engagement at Finland Park, paying tribute to Swedish volunteers during the 1939-1940 Winter War. Princess Victoria looked smart in a wide brimmed navy felt hat simply trimmed with a black hatband.

Mar 13, 2017 | Royal Hats Mar 13, 2017 | Royal Hats

The austere hat works very well with Victoria’s beautifully tailored Ida Sjöstedt coat and her silver jewellery gives the ensemble a lovely hit of sparkle and shine. On its own, the hat is not a terribly exciting one but styled as well it is here, it really doesn’t need to be.



 Designer: unknown. My guess is Evelina Persson
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Crown Princess Victoria seems to have favoured fascinators over the past few years and it’s lovely to see her in a hat at a working enagement. What do you think of this particular design?
Photos from social media as indicated and Rex/Shutterstock

18 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Remember Winter War

  1. A fine example of simplified elegance! I love the whole ensemble, especially the classic color scheme of white and navy with hints of black.

  2. This is a great hat (even if it is very plain) and I love how it’s paired with the rest of her ensemble. That said, I think the angle she’s wearing it at is unflattering as she’s tilted it to the left, and usually hats work better when tilted to the right.

    And I agree with @kat, the jewelry is most likely Lapponia, as the necklace looks like the one wore by Princess Leia at the end of the very first Star Wars film, and Lapponia created that necklace.

  3. Finally! The princess looks put-together, and perfect in her position as Sweden’s crown princess. Now, if a hair stylist would only convince her to let them cut her abundant hair and style it…..

  4. I’ve gotten so used to seeing hats relate to the coats they’re worn with, that I think I would prefer that the hat band be white in this case. My first impression was that the hat seemed too big. But I can see that with the long coat and the widespread lapel area, one might want to balance all that with a bigger hat.

  5. Perfect hat for the Crown Princess. It is beautiful and restrained, but still a proper hat with a brim. Styled perfectly with the black ribbon for a somber occasion. Her whole outfit is perfect, in my eyes. And, Prince Carl Philip looks quite spiffy in his uniform.

  6. From a Swedish background on my husband’s side and a Finnish background on my side, Crown Princess Victoria looked exquisite. Her total ensemble and photographed demeanor was perfect.

  7. I know we’re here to talk hats – but I can’t help staring at her jewelry. That must be Lapponia – a Finnish brand with a very distinctive design that I used to love as a kid but haven’t seen much lately. Of course it makes sense to wear it on the occasion together with the Finnish national colors – well done.

    • Being a Finn myself, I noted exactly the same things. The necklace and earrings are almost certainly Lapponia, I wish I could see close-up of the bracelet. It looks magnificent but can’t recognise it.

      • Yes, I could find the earrings and the necklace on their homepage but not the bracelet (which is the piece I truly covet). It’s probably from an older collection.

  8. Wonderful hat, lovely clothes, terrific accessories. I agree with Glitter Girl: this is timeless elegance, and she does it so well. She does it just right, and nothing is overdone. It seem natural for her, whereas wth some women it looks all wrong, and costumey. Victoria knows what suits her and what she likes, and her clothes are the perfect fusion. If she isn’t he best dressed working royal, then she is certainly in the top two. And no, Catherine Cambridge is not in the top two. I think Victoria’s strongest competition is Charlene of Monaco.

    • Why does it have to be a competition? Naming best dressed will ALWAYS be subjective. I’m more interested in seeing how each royal’s millinery style evolves, what styles suit them, how they experiment.

      Yes… I know this is rich coming from someone who hosts favourite new & repeated hat polls! I’m just more interested in discussing the merits of each design, not pitting royals against each other.

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