Norwegian Royals Host Iceland State Visit

King Harald and Queen Sonja welcomed Icelandic President Gudni Johannesson and his wife Eliza Reid to the Royal Castle in Oslo yesterday for the start of a three-day state visit. For this welcome, Queen Sonja wore a new navy felt cloche with upturned, short Kettle brim. The underbrim of this piece is in black, giving the traditional shape a punch of contrast.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This piece is new

Crown Princess Mette-Marie also wore a new design in the same pale aqua silk as her coat. Half headband, half Juliette cap, this piece has an Elizabethan feel to it that meets Mette-Marit’s penchant for small millinery but leaves me scratching my own head. Widening a headband really doesn’t make it a hat.

Designer: unknown. My guess is Mona Strand
Previously Worn: This piece is new

Princess Astrid repeated her green straw fez shaped hat trimmed with blue and green flowers and leaves.  The ensemble feels better suited to a Florida vacation than a winter event in Norway but I applaud Astrid’s brave use of colour and await a better look at this hat and its interesting trim.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: October 13, 2016

It’s always nice to see the Norwegian royal family in hats but none of these three blue designs stand out as particularly successful to me. What do you think?
Photos from Getty as indicated; Heiko Junge, NTB scanpix; Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

10 thoughts on “Norwegian Royals Host Iceland State Visit

  1. What a miscellany! Agreed: the gents win the palm. The ladies look as if they had been unexpectedly gathered from several other pursuits or climates, except for the crown princess–and, as has been remarked, her costume (though a beautiful color and fabric) doesn’t seem to fit well. (I like her headband; she’s moving in a more hat-like direction!)

  2. What an unusual conglomeration.. Not only do they not look as though they’re dressed for the same season, but they do not look as though they’re dressed for the same type of event. No one looks appropriate for the event at hand. Of all the outfits I prefer Princess Astrid’s, but I don’t understand why it was chosen for today. I suggest everyone get together again tomorrow for welcome ceremony, take 2.

  3. I think I’ll give it to Astrid.

    MM Is just a bit odd – the colour is fabulous, but the coat doesn’t fit and the half Alice band is a bit strange. Sonja looks quite funky, but nowhere near formal enough. Though I have to say she’s quite fabulous for 80! So Astrid then… Club Tropicana! Well it’s still a bit grey in Europe, so… why the hell not…

    • I initially thought Queen Sonja was too informally dressed for this occasion but then I saw the Icelandic first lady and changed my mind. One has to wonder what conversations go on in the background about such things and if there are any last minute wardrobe changes to better match with guests. I always feel for these first ladies at state banquets- it’s not like they have a vault of diamonds to draw from!

  4. Agreed, none of these hats are anything special. The ladies all seemed to get different memos on the dress code. MM’s is the proper degree of formality, and a lovely color. Unfortunately, fit issues and undone hair keep her from the prize. Gents for the win!

  5. I like the Queen’s hat; it’s a nice shape and size for her. While I like the coat, I think another might have been a better choice. The men definitely did a better job dressing for the occasion. The women seem a bit casual for a formal occasion. Mette-Marit’s entire outfit has me scratching my head. She’s a lovely lady and has some wonderful clothes, but this one just looks off.

  6. I have to say the men are the sartorial winners here in my opinion.

    Sonja’s hat is a nice shade of navy blue, and the overall shape is good for her, but my word, could we get some interesting trim on this to liven it up? A single black and white Lady Amherst feather swooping around part of the crown would be my choice. Also, her coat looks very outdoorsy and it would be better if she took it off for the group photo inside.

    Mette-Marit’s headpiece is slightly surprising in the fact it’s a more substantial and structured headband than any we’ve seen before. The color is excellent for her. Her outfit is another matter; while perhaps made of raw silk, overall it looks cheap and not very well done, especially with no visible buttons and the boring pockets on the front.

    Astrid is looking lovely in these gorgeous colors, but I’m still of the mind that her blazer should at least be a solid blue, if not also her skirt, just to tone down the tropical theme of this outfit. The hat is still lovely.

    Finally, while I’m not opposed to women in trousers, the First Lady Eliza’s don’t look nearly formal enough for this event, especially when Harald and Haakon are in full military dress uniform.

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