Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to 40 years ago this month when Queen Elizabeth wore this green hat while on tour in New Zealand. The use of the floral fabric not just on the hatband but as an overlay on the underside of the brim is certainly a distinctive touch.

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14 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. From this angle, I think this ensemble seems much more in balance. It’s a fun diversion from the typical mono-chromatic outfits we are accustomed to.
    Embed from Getty Images

    • The photo above was taken July 6, 1977, in London.
      The following was taken February 1, 1979, in Bahrain. Same dress, different hat.
      Embed from Getty Images

      • Are you sure it’s Bahrain? The man on the right is Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad al-Thani, emir of Qatar. Behind the Queen is Sheikh Hamad, later emir, then the heir apparent. I don’t see the past or current emir of Bahrain in shot.

  2. Ahh the Margot Leadbetter years! It’s fun to see the Queen looking quite funky isn’t it, she did embrace some of the 70s styles, yes still looks exactly like the Queen. I rather like this, though it’s an obvious timepiece.

  3. This is a nice medium sized hat. I like the half up and half down brim. The crown might be a tad bulbous. Hard to tell with all the fabric on it. And of coarse the loud print fabric is out of date. But the basic hat could be given a modern treatment. Have we seen any like it recently? Maybe on Queen Silvia?

  4. Whoa. That’s a LOT of pattern. I like the dress, and the hat, but think that the pattern on the underside of the hat is just a bit much.

  5. I found this in the comments of HQ’s Green Inventory: has age changed the color?
    I wonder where HM got her ideas from…
    Embed from Getty Images

  6. Covering the underside of the hat brim with fabric from the dress is a technique that the Queen has employed numerous times throughout the years. (So did the Queen Mother.) It’s eye-catching. Putting on the same fabric as a hatband may be overkill, but this is a striking outfit.
    As always, pictures like this make me sad that the Queen now only uses black accessories.

  7. How beautiful is this outfit! Her Majesty wears it well, as no one else could! Wouldn’t it be perfect for her today as one of her signature coats or suit for Spring? And that hat..love it!

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