Danish Royals Celebrate Confirmation

On Saturday, the Danish royal family gathered to celebrate Prince Felix’s confirmation at  Fredensborg Palace church.

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Queen Margrethe marked this milestone in her second eldest grandson’s life in her bright turquoise coat and matching hat. The hat, which follows a rounded helmet shape, is trimmed with a braided stripe of appliqued silk, tall curling feathers and feather quills.

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Princess Marie wore a new fascinator with a white lace base trimmed with pale pink silk ruffles, flowers and feathers. As far as fascinators go, this one is a really lovely design and was shown to great effect with Marie’s sweeping chignon.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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Designer: unknown. Dress by Huishan Zhang
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new

Little Princess Athena adorably matched her mum’s headwear with a pale pink headband embellished with organza flowers. For her very first royal headpiece, this one is very sweet.

Princess Athena, April 1, 2017 | Royal Hats  Princess Athena, April 1, 2017 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new

Felix’s mother, the Countess of Frederiksborg, topped her dusky lilac-grey lace dress with a similarly hued fascinator made of feathers roughly grouped in floral shapes. While the headpiece complimented Alexandra’s dress well enough, its placement, vertically on the side of her head, was neither flattering nor attractive. Alexandra’s mother, Christa Manley, wore a pale blue organza puff fascinator.

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Countess of Frederiksborg, April 1, 2017 | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Mary repeated her pale grey veiled fascinator with silk flowers and feathers (see a better photo of it at its last outing here). This is a more substantial piece that Mary wears well and at an event dominated by fascinators, seemed a logical choice for her.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 5, 2015; June 25, 2013April 30, 2013
While we saw only one hat at this event, I think the choice of fascinator headpieces worked well not only for this time of year, but to keep the fashion tone light, informal and even, a little fun. In the end, the center of attention was a beaming young man in a red tie (not stuffy fashions surrounding him) which is exactly how I think it should have been. What do you think of the fascinators in Denmark yesterday?

Danish Royal Family, April 1, 2017 | Royal Hats

Photos from Getty as indicated; Steen Brogaard, Royal Family via the Danish Monarchy

24 thoughts on “Danish Royals Celebrate Confirmation

  1. I don’t think there’s a decent hat among them. Fascinators stuck on the side of a head like a bird crash – ugh!
    Grandma Christa shouldn’t have bothered.
    Marie, who is a perfectly pretty woman, just looks silly with the pom-pom look nailed to her head. She has a long face and need to find a shape to fletter her. It’s lazy dressing. And for god’s sake, why saddle Athena with the same? Not successful in any way to my aesthetic.

  2. I’m not a big fan of fascinators, but the fact that nearly everyone (female, obvs!) is wearing one makes them more pleasing to the eye. My favorite is the mother/daughter combo of Princess Marie and Princess Athena! If not for Athena wearing a nearly matching one, I’d say that Marie’s was verging on too young for her. The pairing of the two of them is darling.

    I like Queen Margrethe’s hat. I like the visual interest in the embellishments, but I wish that the appliqued stripe was a swirl instead.

    Joining in on the love for the windowpane suit! And pocket squares! Danes got STYLE!

  3. What delightful family groupings. As to hats/fascinators: Marie’s is pretty as is her dress. I also like CP Mary’s. Queen Margrethe’s hat is a good choice for her.

  4. I must say the first thing I really noticed was Nikolai’s awesome grey windowpane suit! Extremely dapper, although I do wonder if his tie is more grey or green? Hard to tell in these photos. So glad to see some fashion forwardness from the men. Henrik also looked very fantastic in his double breasted suit and purple tie (a great color combo). Frederik is also looking good in his three piece suit. The man of the hour, Felix, looks great in that bright crimson tie, but it does look like his suit jacket’s sleeves are a bit short, while his trousers are a bit long; oh well, how many teens can say they got everything right when dressing up? (I know my teen years were rather horrendous haha!) Great to see so many pocket squares as well, and not just white ones either! (I love me a good pocket square.)

    As for the ladies here: I’m glad to see this hat out again for Margrethe; it’s a much better choice than her similar “Teletubby” hat, and it was really great to see the details close up this time, as I always thought this was a felt hat, but it actually looks to be made of parasisal. Marie’s dress is lovely, but her fascinator just doesn’t do it for me; too twee and young for her. I like Alexandra’s fascinator and it coordinates well with her outfit (which is beautiful), although I can see that it’s placement could’ve been done better. Her mother’s fascinator blends in too much with her hair, so that’s disappointing for sure (not to mention it looks a bit like a loofah). Mary’s fascinator suits the occasion, but I don’t think there’s much new to say about it.

    Overall, not the most exciting in terms of hats, but it seemed to be a special event that was enjoyed by all.

      • Ah, that would make more sense. I suppose I comment when my eyes are not so tired haha. At any rate, I still like this one.

        • The fabric weave is a little unusual- it’s much more open than you’d expect for a queen’s coat. I also thought it was straw at this view but at second glance, I think it’s fabric. Or that coat is made of straw….!

    • As the mother of two boys (now grown) I can tell you that they are capable of growing two inches overnight, and not always proportionally! At one time our closets had navy blazers in a full range of sizes and I still had to adjust sleeve lengths.

  5. I actually liked most of the fascinators. I loved Marie’s, in my opinion, it is refreshing to see a fascinator that isn’t masquerading as a hat. The Countess’s is what I don’t care for…feathers which just seem to sprout from nowhere. Athena’s is very sweet. The Queen looked lovely. I loved her all blue look and the style of her coat.

  6. I’m not that keen on fascinators for most events, and to me, although in itself attractive, Marie’s pale pink, coupled with her dress, looked too young / bridal (or not bridal, but bridesmaidy). I preferred Alexandra’s feathery thing. I can see what you mean about the placement, HatQueen, but I’ve been trying to picture it placed in different ways, and I think everything else would be worse! Mary’s is the best fascinator because it is the most substantial. Queen Margrethe’s hat is much more interesting than many of hers, so I suppose we shouldn’t grumble too much about its reappearance.

  7. It was Nikolai’s suit that did it for me too. The young man has style. I’m afraid they looked alright, but the sea of fascinators bored me somewhat. Alexandra looked lovely (once the jacket was off), but I can’t believe we’re seeing Margrethe’s blue titfer again.

  8. HQ:
    I DID see that beautiful suit, but didn’t comment at the time, since someone else had beat me to it.
    I would have chosen a different tie, but I love the windowpane blue!
    CC and I think more time could be spent on the men’s wardrobe, since their hat contributions are usually sparce.

    • And I just noticed that Prince Henrik’s button are purple, hence the purple tie he wore. He must be lots of fun. I love a nice windowpane suit, or sport coat. Not sure I’d wear a plaid shirt with it, as the Duke of Windsor is pictured above, but he was known as a style setter (driving his father crazy!)

      • I think you gentlemen need to start a Royal Suits blog! Think of the standards you could be raising by sharing your expertise. I’d definitely follow you.

        Not sure about the purple buttons, but they do work well with the tie.

        Oh, and Princess Marie’s fascinator is the best of this bunch for the ladies.

  9. A very stylish and attractive family. Prince Nikolai takes after his paternal grandfather with his fashion forward choices. I am sure the Prince Consort is a big influence on his eldest grandson. The ladies’ choices are all very springlike. I do wish the Queen would get some new outfits….I have often commented that I find it odd that such an artistic person wears the same clothes over and over, but that is her choice. So many Royal women are so fashion forward that it seems interesting to see this Queen repeat old favourites.

  10. Maybe Prince Nikolai won’t have a growth spurt, and will be able to wear that fantastic grey windowpane a couple more times.
    He’s only 17, so he probably will grow. I remember outgrowing my graduation jacket after TWO outings!
    (BTW, the hat/fascinators were OK.)

  11. Queen Margarethe’s hat – good; fascinators – all good. But I can’t help but mention the fantastic sartorial choice of Prince Nikolai! Well done, young man!

    • It’s nice to see something other than a navy suit, isn’t it? I also thought the matching red ties on Prince Joachim, Prince Felix and Prince Hendrik was sweet.

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