British Royals Remember Terror Attack Victims

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry attend Service of Hope at Westminster Abbey this morning held in memory of those who lost their lives in the Westminster terror attack March 22, 2017. For this event, Kate repeated her small black straw saucer percher-style hat with stylized bow at the back. Paired with her grey chevron patterned coat, the hat made for an elegant (but not boring) ensemble well suited to this event.

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Designer: Lock & Co. it is a bespoke version of the “Salsa” design from the Summer 2013 collection
Previously Worn: June 6, 2014June 13, 2013
Photos from Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “British Royals Remember Terror Attack Victims

  1. A beautiful up do which really lifts the whole look. I too like to see repeats, fun of course to see and compare the changes but absolutely prudent and necessary. To have new all the time is pure excessiveness and extravagance….and wasteful. The world does not need more of that!! Reuse Recycle Rejoice. Cheers

  2. The duchess looked both elegant and appropriate; the hat is nicely matched to both the duchess’s costume and the occasion. In fact, all three of the young royals looked quite well.

  3. I’m going to go against the grain and say I’m not a fan of this hat. The color is a little streaky (probably that’s the straw) which makes it less formal and I don’t like how far forward it sits on her forehead. I think a more formal hat would have been better here.

    • The mottled texture of this hat is what makes me like it! It’s a great hat and I LOVE it with this coat. I’m usually on Team Hair Down but Kate’s hair is FAB today

    • You’re right: the hat is streaky, but that’s why it’s perfect for this coat. I think this coat itself is excellent. (You may be right about the hat’s being too far forward, though.)
      I think this was an excellent choice for today and a first-class outfit.

      • I think we might have to take a tour of all the coats/outfits this hat has been paired with and see how its texture (and the resulting inconsistent colour a few of you have noticed) fares. Stay tuned….!

  4. Wow, this is a stunning ensemble! I love the mixing up of repeated pieces (as should be done more often with royal dressing), and this pairing is especially spectacular. I like how the texture of the milan straw of the hat echoes the texture and patterns of her coat. I think this goes in my top 10 looks ever for Kate. Brava!

  5. Totally agree. Elegant and appropriate. This is very Kate – mixing and matching previously worn pieces. I’m always glad to see her repeating her outfits, as I sometimes feel too many get the one wear before never being seen again. This is a great example of her approach to mix pre worn pieces up. And very appropriate for this event.

  6. She looks lovely and very quietly elegant. A great look for her, and I love her hair like that. It is spectacular.

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