Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to a famous day, sixty-one years ago tomorrow, which saw Grace Kelly arrive in the principality that would be her new home. She wore the most glamorous wide brimmed, organdie covered white hat and looked every inch the princess she would, a week later, officially become.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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7 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. The comments that the hat shielded and shaded her face may have been true but I love the hat just the same. Then again I am partial to the large picture hat. Grace Kelly was the epitome of glamour.

  2. The hat is beautifully proportioned, but the star of that picture with Prince Ranier is the dog, who’s featured in the video too and who appears to be wearing a white bow.

  3. I like this hat a lot (though I could happily dispense with the daisy chain trim). The colour pics below show a very striking look indeed. This large bright hat would have been visible from quite a distance; and the black-and- white colour scheme connects visually very strongly with the Prince’s suit, the uniform of the Monaco guards, and the red-white and black national colours of Monaco- especially after Grace put on a red wreath of flowers (visible in both pics below).

    And I came across a contemporary comment on the hat:
    ‘ An article in The Telegraph on the 17 April 1956 notes: “Miss Kelly comes of ambitious, determined and independent stock. That she has inherited these qualities she has already proved by her film career, and her stubbornness in wearing an enormous face-hiding hat for her arrival, despite the advice of her father who thought it was quite wrong. The Monegasques are still hurt by her thoughtlessness.”
    I must say that this editorial comment sounds like a typical tabloid beatup. I doubt that many – if any – Monegasques were offended by the choice of hat of one whose style was so universally liked and admired.

    • So interesting to read that bit about offending the Monegasques. I’m not sure I believe that, either. Still, it’s interesting to see how often she appeared in turbans a few years later. A change in fashion or a concession to her new subjects?

    • Wonderfully sniffy comments from the Telegraph. Grace’s hat is beautiful and glamorous and I’m sure that’s what the Monegasques wanted, and were expecting. On the other hand, her mother’s hat, which reveals her face no end, is atrocious! An iced bun planted on top of her head (but her husband no doubt approved).

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