Queen Margrethe Opens Aarhus Exhibition

Queen Margrethe was in Aarhus yesterday to open the exhibition “Aarhus Tells”. She wore a new hat or the event with a Pork Pie indented crown and gently curved brim made in the same plain wool as her suit. Printed hats are not for the faint of heart and while I admire the fashion chops required to carry off this design and find its jaunty shape rather fun, the combination of matching suit and hat is a few steps to far for my liking

 Queen Margrethe, April 11, 2017 | Royal Hats  Queen Margrethe, April 11, 2017 | Royal Hats

Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: This hat is new

19 thoughts on “Queen Margrethe Opens Aarhus Exhibition

  1. I love this hat! and the outfit, which breaks quite a few rules, yet for me somehow works. I am just so relieved to see the Queen wearing a hat shape that actually flatters her, (instead of one of those round-crowned ones).
    And get a load of that on-trend long shoulder bag…totally on point, Margrethe!

  2. Ooh Hat Queen, you’re harsh!! I think the Danish Queen looks fab…so her, so jolly. I think there’s enough other stuff going on, ie the vibrant pop of colour of her blouse, bag and lipstick and then the plain contrast strip on the hat. Had the hat been without the trim well yes perhaps a bit much, but as is, no sorry have to disagree. I think QM looks smashing!! Thankyou.

  3. This couldn’t be more her! This is fab… yes she still has a look of a crazy French teacher, but it’s fun and she looks like she’s enjoying her funky outfit.

  4. I can’t help thinking this is better suited to a day in the country, waving Prince Henrik off hunting, alternatively she should move here to England to a small village and morph into Miss Marple.

  5. I love it! Everywoman should wear exactly what they want to and not worry about what anybody else thinks. Who cares as long as it makes you happy? Life is too short to spend any time worrying about what anybody thinks about you. Life is about living. And this queen looks like she’s having a blast.

  6. Given QM’s usual beanie style hats, I’m not going to complain. The shape is marvelous. I hope she does more hats in this shape. They suit her very well.

  7. I love this whole ensemble on the Queen! The hat looks perfect on her! The maroon blouse and handbag add just enough solid color for accent, and one notices the dark band on the hat and at the front of the skirt. Really, I think no other Queen could wear this outfit so successfully!!

  8. I would say either the hat or the outfit in plaid, but you can’t have it all! With everything in this plaid fabric, it’s a bit overwhelming. I think it would be fine if the hat and the skirt were kept, but a solid blazer/jacket would be much better, especially if in the charcoal of the hatband. On its own, I quite like the hat; the shape is good and the fabric is fun, but as @MittenMary said, this looks like a fall/winter ensemble, and it seems out of place, even if it is chillier in Denmark right now.

  9. I think the Queen looks fabulous! I love the plaid hat, it gives a jaunty look to the outfit and the solid trim is great! However, I do object to the front seam binding on the skirt!

  10. I agree that this one is kind of fun, but yikes! Maybe with either the jacket or the skirt, but not both. Better yet, with a full solid color ensemble. All, this looks fall/winter, and I’m ready for some spring!

  11. I agree that the diagonal plaid skirt, belted plaid jacket and matching plaid hat combined with a blouse that has a large bow is all a bit overwhelming. Somewhere, somehow, something should have been simplified.

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