This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Silvia in a simple black straw hat at an April 18 memorial for victims in the recent Stockholm terrorist attack (Svenskdam)

Duchess of Cornwall in her red beret with pheasant feather trim last Sunday in Scotland

In case you missed the updated post, Queen Elizabeth’s turquoise Easter hat was confirmed to be the design of Rachel Trevor Morgan while the Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor’s hat and headpiece were from Jane Taylor. 

Crown Princess Victoria in a pink costume jewelled hair ornament by Lanvin for H&M  for her arrival Tuesday in Japan (Svenskdam)

Crown Princess Mary in military uniform for this week’s visit to the Home Guard Command in Vordingborg (Danish Monarchy)

Princess Akiko opened the 27th National Confectionary Exposition in a brimless white hat (Imperial Family Of Japan)

The Duchess of Vendôme in a lovely straw hat by French milliner Marie d’Argent

Princess Charlene at the races today in South Africa in an interesting black newsboy cap, worn to the side (see more photos here and here)

Princess Josephine and Princess Athena of Denmark in sweet hair ornaments, clearly enjoying themselves last Sunday at their grandmother’s birthday celebrations

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

 Royal Hats

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have been been all over the news this week speaking about their “Heads Together” campaign in support of mental health issues. If you missed Prince Harry’s interview with the Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon for the first episode of her new podcast, Mad World or Prince William’s conversation with Lady Gaga about the same, do check them out. And don’t miss the great conversation between the three, below.

Crown Princess Victoria wore a vintage dress from her mother’s closet during her trip to Japan this week.

Beautiful portraits of Princess Isabella of Denmark released for her 10th birthday (Danish Monarchy)

And finally, the Imperial royals held their first spring garden party this week. We usually see the ladies in suits and hats for this event but this year, they all wore kimonos and the sight is magnificent.

Embed from Getty Images

 Photo from The Asahi Shimbun via Getty

15 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Thank you for introducing the photos of the garden party.
    I would like to see big photos of Princess Kiko and Princess Mako.
    But even in Japan it is not reported much.

  2. Oh dear HatQueen, you out did yourself in recapping the week. Queen Silvia looked beautiful, as always, at the memorial service. Crown Princess Victoria looked wonderful when greeting the Japanese royal family, and wearing a vintage dress of her mother’s later during the visit was especially note worthy. The two young Danish princesses were charming and having a lot of fun.

  3. Yay for Princess Charlene! as always, there is much to admire in her deceptively simple look; and the newsboy cap worn this way is a statement creative touch.
    Princess Aikiko’s hat is stunning – I hope we see it again.
    Queen Silvia’s black hat with the curled wide brim is a soft look that suits her very well.
    And it’s heartening to see William, Harry and Catherine so deeply involved in the “Heads together” campaign. Respect.

  4. Interesting is certainly the word for Charlene’s newsboy cap. I don’t like it, but I applaud her for the effort and the confidence to wear something a bit unpredictable.

  5. Sadly, we’ve seen Queen Silvia in a number of black hats lately. She always looks so somber and dignified in them.

    Princess Akiko’s hat is rather zippy by the Japanese royal standards. The Japanese ladies are a lovely sight in their kimonos, especially with the cherry blossom backdrop.

    Have we seen the Duchess of Vendome or Marie d’Argent on this site before, HatQueen? Dazzling!

    I love the cousinly high jinks by the little Danish princesses, and Princess Isabella is just lovely.

    Crown Princess Victoria looks wonderful in her mother’s dress. I think of this look as “classic,” not “vintage.”

  6. The photos of the Imperial Family at the garden party are indeed magnificent! Absolutely stunning kimonos, especially the delicate print on CP Masako.

    I love how the Swedish princesses recycle their mother’s and even their own childhood clothes. The clothes still stand up decades later. CP Victoria looks lovely.

    I actually like Princess Charlene’s turned newsboy hat at the races. It’s very chic and unexpected and fun. I really enjoy her style. She is certainly not sedate.

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