Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Mobility Charity

Queen Elizabeth hosted a ceremony at Windsor Castle celebrating the 40th anniversary of Motability, a charity which provides vehicles for persons with disabilities. For this event, she repeated her magenta and black felt split crown hat with black button trim and embroidered dots.

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I don’t have any new thoughts on this hat. You?
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17 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Mobility Charity

  1. I vote for retiring this one, too. Even if we ignore the hat (I wish!), the coat looks too big for her. She’s certainly gotten her money’s worth out of this one.

    But I never get tired of young girls curtsying.

  2. Maybe HM is giving the two split crowns (yesterday’s blue and today’s magenta) a final outing before giving them a well deserved respite.
    A view from the top gives this hat another perspective (negative to my eyes). Even the dogs seem ambivalent to HM.
    Embed from Getty Images

  3. Just a thought on seeing this and your description – I wonder if the Queen thinks of this as deep pink rather than magenta. I remembered reading a very long time ago that the Queen does not like magenta, so I’ve just been searching for a reference, and found one in Jeremy Paxman’s book On Royalty, where he refers to a briefing document sent ahead of the Queen’s official visits, saying (among many other things) that she has no marked preferences in terms of colour, but doesn’t like magenta.

    See the reference here (about half way through)

  4. Well, ever hopeful, I would change one thing that I think has been a negative feature of this hat since first I saw it. Remove the buttons on the hat and replace them with 5-6 slightly smaller buttons..or at least just add more of the same sized buttons. Or run some of the black piping of the coat (to where the buttons are) and add a few black feathers. Or… I guess it’s time to retire it!!

  5. I agree with everyone, this outfit has served her well, it’s time for it to be retired. I’ve liked it a lot, but there are newer outfits I thought kneed all like to see repeated again.

  6. Definitely time to retire this! Like @SnugHarbor said, it has done its duty. This looked especially heavy and out of place next to the girl curtseying in the sunshine. Time to repeat other ensembles.

  7. I am not criticising anyone but I don’t care if I never, ever see a split crown hat on anyone ever again. And this outfit in particular. This type of brim looks nice on HM. And does saturated colours so well. HM has so many wonderful ensembles. Perhaps HM is the one who likes them and the reason they keep trotting them out. I wonder.

    • This month we have seen The Queen (in public) in seven different outfits with seven different hats including two new ones. Not bad going I say although this one has never been a favourite.

  8. OMG! That last photo is everything! I wonder if HM ever says to herself as she’s getting ready for the day, “Self, I sure am tired of wearing a dress, coat, and hat.”

  9. It’s hard to have new thoughts on this hat.
    This is a quick turnaround from its last wearing in January, and since the very last hat the Queen wore was a split crown design, it seems unfortunate to get another one the very next week. Even though this magenta and black number was not retired in January, as several of us hoped, would it be too much to request that it be retired in April? It’s done its duty.

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