Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1984 which saw a Queen Beatrix in a marvellous electric blue hat with back ruffle. While no longer an official royal holiday, April 30 remains “Queen’s Day” in my heart.

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Photo from Getty as indicated

6 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I love Beatrix! But looking at that small hat perched on her magnificent hairdo, I do wonder why it didn’t “sproing” off. Obviously some heavy duty hat pins were involved.

  2. I’d rather see her in some of these smaller hats again, because it would make a nice change from her bumper hats. The blue color on this hat is lovely, and she wears it well. It reminds me of some of Princess Diana’s hats from the early eighties.

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