Queen And Duke of Edinburgh Attend Order of Merit Service

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended an Order of Merit service at the Chapel Royal at St. James Palace this morning. While all eyes were on Prince Philip following the announcement this morning that he will retire from public duties in the fall, the Queen looked lovely in her lilac-grey straw hat trimmed with straw flowers and bow loops. She wore this hat less than a month ago on a widely photographed visit to Dunstable– it’s curious to see her repeat a piece so quickly.

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: April 11, 2017July 1, 2016October 20, 2015
Photos today don’t do this hat justice- jump over to its last outing here to see its full beauty.
Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

11 thoughts on “Queen And Duke of Edinburgh Attend Order of Merit Service

  1. The Queen looked lovely as always. The announcement concerning the Duke is not surprising in the least. Frankly I am amazed he has continued for this long. What an incredible career supporting the Queen and he deserves to step down (so to speak). I also would not be surprised if the Queen decided to greatly reduce her engagements, I mean they are both in their 90’s ( and looking fantastic I might add). Sadly the day is coming when we will hear one of them has passed away.

  2. I agree she probably wore this to focus on Philip, but I would love to see the coral pink hat with green loops that’s similar to this make a return!

  3. Fabulous outfit, but would have been nice to see another one. But she did this on purpose, it was all about Phil today.

    • My thoughts, exactly. She’s shown us strategic dressing before- I can’t imagine her choice of a pale hued ensemble that we’ve seen very recently was a coincidence.

  4. I really have grown fond of this hat and the coat that goes with it so well. Like her mother before her, the Queen has a distinctive look that suits her very well. The Queen Mum had a very soft, floaty, fluffy style of dress and HM’s style is more streamlined. Totally different, but both styles exactly right for the royal ladies wearing them.

  5. Interesting – later photos show her sans hat; while sitting for the group photos, and back in the car, upon her departure.
    Rarely does the hat disappearance occur, correct?

    • I can’t tell from the car pictures whether she’s wearing the coat again. Coat and hat obviously are off for the group photo — this has happened, although usually she’s still bundled up for indoor group photos. In Australia several years ago the Queen was carrying her hat in her hand once while boarding a plane.
      Since the hats are designed both for the coat but for the dress, it would be nice to get a viewing of each grouping .

      • WOW! Great memory, Snug Harbor!
        Embed from Getty Images

    • Group photo: no coat, no hat
      Embed from Getty Images

      Return to BP: I see a flash of tweed under her chin. I think the coat is back on but no hat. Highly unusual, as you pointed out.
      Embed from Getty Images

      • Interesting – arrive, coat off, hat off, move brooch from coat to dress, and change shoes. Quite a performance considering she only went from Buck Palace across the road to St’ James’. However QEII and Prince Philip looked wonderful and long may they do so.

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