This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

King Harald visited the Norwegian royal yacht on Wednesday in preparation for next week’s 80th birthday celebrations for he and Queen Sonja which will bring a number of royal guests. He always looks natty in his nautical hat.

Some fun snaps of King Carl Gustaf taken April 28 at the opening of the new Viking Museum in Stockholm

Quick but very interesting demo from Rachel Trevor Morgan

 Royal Hats

So lovely to see the Duchess of Kent at an event this week.

 Esquire’s list of the 40 Best Dressed Men included one royal- Prince Michael of Kent. Does that surprise you as much as it surprised me?

Adorable family photo shared by the King of Bhutan

From Sweden, a sweet moment captured between Princess Estelle and the King last Sunday on his birthday

Embed from Getty Images

And finally, news of the Duke of Edinburgh’s retirement caught many by surprise this week. Fittingly, the last word on this subject goes to him:


5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. It’s so nice to see the King of Bhutan posting such great photos of his family. I especially like this one, and I like this king even more so because he’s wearing double monkstrap shoes (which are my favorite type of men’s shoe) with more traditional Bhutanese dress; I really enjoy this mixture of style and culture!

  2. The ‘guest’ referred to in the Duke of Edinburgh quip was Sir Michael Atiyah, “essentially Britain’s mathematical pope”. Sir Michael is himself 88 so only a stripling!

  3. I watched a YouTube video of the Duchess of Kent a few months ago when she was talking about teaching singing in schools. She has such a winsome spirit. Lovely to see her in public again.

  4. Thank you for posting the picture of the a Duchess of Kent even if she isn’t wearing a hat. You’re right, it’s lovely to see her.

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