Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1963 when King Baudoin and Queen Fabiola departed London following a state visit. You’d not think that a floppy bow on top of a floppy brim would work but this hat proves otherwise.

Embed from Getty Images

Photo from Getty as indicated

6 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Queen Fabiola (the queen of Fab to me) has the height and slender proportions to carry the exaggerated width of this hat. I do like the quirkiness of that giant bow.
    Perhaps the same milliner made the hat she wore on arrival in London, which also sported an oversized folded “bow” feature. I can’t help liking that one too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umxusxwRa00

  2. HQ, rarely do I disagree with your impeccable taste and commentary, but today I do. I find the big bow and ANY floppy hat silly looking.
    Case in point, see the picture below. Seldom do I find HM anything but flawless, except for this example, before its improvements.
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Well, for me, I like the floppy brim on the Queen, and thanks for that picture. It seems to me that a more feminine vibe is delightful on the Queen and I dislike these almost masculine top hat take offs with hard edges on the Queen I do admit the second picture is nice as well, but for me, the softness of the draped fabric makes it.

    • I love alternate opinions to my own! It makes the conversation here interesting! I hear what you’re saying… Queen Elizabeth’s hat (I think it might be Philip Somerville) is certainly improved with a more tailored brim.

  3. Queen Fabiola was always so beautifully dressed, and she had such a wonderful smile. This outfit is the epitome of 60’s style and elegance. I don’t know if I’d like that hat on anyone else, but she carried it off with aplomb, and it worked for her. I love these trips into the past, and I especiallly loved this one. Queen Fabiola was a great favorite of mine. This reminds me of Princess Alexandra’s style back in the day. She probably could have succeesssfully worn this hat too.

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